Don’t Panic – UK Weekend Headlines

Support for faith initiatives to be expanded:

Fitch cuts 2 Bank of America ratings:

Companies still not owning up to corruption:

Taxpayer to insure Treasury’s £400bn toxic loan scheme

BTW – a really interesting story on RFID cloning –

FYI RFID is in the new swipe payment cards. Guess how ‘secure’ that really is?

Barclays battles to convince doubters:

IMF Says Advanced Economies Already In Depression

Government compiles travel records database:

Russia rattles sabres in Obamas direction:

Biden proposes to press reset button with Moscow:

Australia inferno toll nears 100:

Scores killed by Australia’s worst fires yet:

Why all this now? Perhaps:
British teenagers have lower IQs than their counterparts did 30 years ago:

In case you missed it, the FDIC “stepped in” on three banks on Friday:

BTW If I was in NYC I’d find some other place to be tomorrow… just in case