Don’t Panic! – $50 Billion Fraud!

Don’t Panic – Billion fraud!

Another information Bomb LOL!

British banks losing billions to one big lie in biggest ever fraud:

Charles Ponzi and his scheme:

Britain faces worst recession in living memory, Cabinet minister Tessa Jowell admits:

Read the first line of Robert Peston’s Blog – Five-year taxpayer help for banks,
“The Treasury quietly conceded yesterday that the crisis undermining banks’ ability to borrow from each other and from financial institutions could last for five years.”

U.K. Small Companies Shunned by Banks, Turn to Insolvency Firms:

Mortgage Meltdown:

Prime loans seeing rise in defaults (Look at the date…):

Servicemen, doctors and nurses overpaid by more than £100million on pensions:

You’ve been poked – now you’re homeless:

You, too, can defeat cruel dictators online:

Related Online Anonymity:

Australian, N.Z Dollars Gain as Fed Set to Cut Rates to Record :

Ever seen a 100 Billion dollar bill? Look here (LOL):



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11 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! – $50 Billion Fraud!

  1. 5 years is all madoff is looking at…50 billion for 5 yrs…not a bad
    deal..but 50 billion dollars is enough money that i assure you some
    politicians got their palms greened…so he might have a car crash,
    swimming accident or heartattack but i doubt he will ever do time..except
    in exile in Israel..

  2. And if he is tossed into a ‘cell’ it’ll be in a minimum security facility.
    He’s helping them! they’re gonna treat him right! Peace

  3. banks are insolvent…they are hoarding cash so they can cover depositors.
    Bankers arnt any more interested in being hung from lamp post than
    politicians are…

  4. Watch my video I’m just uploading – Bamkers ARE still giving out money –
    but only to those they ‘feel’ are going to be around in 5 years… And
    they’re using some of their “new” money from the governments to back up the
    same governments’ bonds.

  5. I cant believe how much the comparison to Zimbabwean situation is popular
    over youtube. So again: it wont happen because it cant happen. Why? Because
    Zimbabwe situation is the result of a geopolitical war held over the
    region, meaning that the western world is one cause of the result. Now
    anyone who want to play the zimbabwean victim part has to provide who is
    going to play the lead role of the victimizer when it comes to the western

  6. China? India? Just because the likelihood is small does not mean it is
    non-existant. The UK has technically been bankrupt before; as has the US.
    With such an interconnected system as currently exists, it would require
    serious shifts in protectionist trade policies to humble the Dollar. War
    can be monetary – listen to the drumbeats; the walls are being raised…
    Peace man!

  7. I strongly doubt that the current situation of India or China will allow
    them to treat the western world as the western world has treated Zimbabwe.
    Already China has been openly thieved by the western world and its reaction
    is only made with words…

  8. Maddoff really just redistributed most of the money, and likely 75% of the
    $50b never existed except on a balance sheet. The question should be how
    much he spent or stashed away.

  9. Have been through slow economy periods since the 50’s, the last 20 years
    have been exceptional, so now the next 20 years will be tougher, the rich
    will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Cash up and buy cheap RE,
    everyone needs somewhere to live and RE in time will increase beyond
    anything the stockmarket can do. 1970, $10k house, today $450K, 1970 $50 GM
    share, today $2.

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