Decoding Cash Flow Financing… Discover How to Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit

In this webinar we will decode the world of cash-flow or revenue based financing to reveal the REAL truth behind this type of lending. You will discover:

What cash flow based financing is and whether it is or isn’t right for your business

Actual advertisements and names of cash flow based financing so you can recognize them when you see them

What types of rates and terms are available and how these rates and terms are determined

What documentation is reviewed for approval, and what lenders are really looking for within this documentation

The exact criteria you must meet to get approved

Actual examples of how cash flow based financing really work, and see actual worksheets lenders use to determine your rate and payment

How you can easily get even more money after you secure your first advance, and how to “stack” advances to get even more money

How these types of financing work directly compared to SBA, you WILL be blown away at the comparison

See actual applications and industry restriction lists to know what you will need to get approved

How loan amounts are determined, you will know during this webinar how much you can actually get

Approval time-frames, find out how to get approved in 72 hours or less

How cash flow based financing compares with merchant advances, this is essential to make the best loan program choice for your business

And much more…

Cash flow financing is the top alternative business loan program available today, and is perfect for anyone wanting to get a business loan with bad credit. Checkout this video to discover how to get a business loan with bad credit. Here’s a quick pre-qualification link you can use to see how much financing you can get now, check it out…

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  1. Excellent explanation. Can you explain the discount term? I thought it
    was called a factor rate.

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