Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Teleseminar Promo – Dani Johnson –

Get the scoop here before it’s too late:

In case you missed it, here’s a very short look at a fraction of what Dani covered this Tuesday in the Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Teleseminar and Webinar part 1.

Full of insightful and exact advice, along with practical action steps anyone can make right now to save loads of money, to identify the fastest ways to get debt free, gain financial independence and even get healthy without doing any additional work!

It was a mind-blowing event, but you still have the chance to watch the webinar replay and catch part 2 coming up next week, Tuesday January 24th.

Get the scoop here before it’s too late:

25 thoughts on “Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Teleseminar Promo – Dani Johnson –

  1. Awesome Video Dani Johnson thank you so much for the guidance and direction
    you gave us last Tuesday Night all I know is 2012 Is going to be the best
    year yet period. So many great ideas given in this video watch now you need
    to stop what you are doing right now and signup for Part 2. Click Here to
    sign up now

  2. A great video, but would like to know what the batanical soap is that you
    purchase twice a year. Also, would like to have the recipes for the dishes
    you spoke of in this two hour segment. Thank you for taking the time to
    give up all these ingenious tips. Blessings.

  3. it’s all good, but i gotta say, my butt is really worth more than the cheap
    toilet paper. at some point, you’ve got to splurge!

  4. Thank you for this video with some great tips! It’s a challenge to tighten
    up the budget… but these tips will help. Thanks so much!

  5. I see where you’re coming from but you are overlooking the value of time to
    create them and electric to cook. the prepacked ones also have to charge
    for storage/refridgeration

  6. I wish we had a lot more of these! I do almost everything she mentioned,
    but would like to find out about the botanical soap. I use Thieves cleaner
    from Young Living.

  7. Here’s some debt elimination help from America’s Favorite Secret
    Millionaire!!! Yes, millionaires shop at Wal-Mart, too! #BeInspiredMag

  8. Bull. She’s a millionaire. She is not thinking like that when she is
    banking big money. You know she is going out to dinner and ordering 20
    dollar glasses of wine

  9. interesting that she is giving out tips on saving money at the grocery
    store when I know that hair has cost her at least 150.00 dollars with color
    and cut. 

  10. Is it a challenge to tighten up the budget? For Dani Johnson, it’s not.

    Debt Elimination & Financial Independence Teleseminar Promo – Dani Johnson –

  11. Wow it would be nice if ground beef was still $2-3 a pound and a 5 lb whole
    chicken was lesw than $5. Not where I live. But overall I agree with the
    concepts. these are some awesome ideas. Thanks for reminding.

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