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The financial expert talks with Carolyn Castleberry about how to graduate from college debt-free… The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN http://www.cbn.com

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  1. @Yeshua9000 How much was your tuition? Could you have gone to a less
    expensive college? What kind of degree did you get? Do you have a job now?

  2. DONT LIKE! I got new 2012 car…. I have huge college loan (i pay down
    twice what im suppose to each month!), dont tell them they cant get one.
    But like you said its a lifestyle choice… Eat and live cheaper and one
    CAN get a NEW car…

  3. I graduated from ITT Tech with a B.A and owe about 80k. Thtat school was a
    HUGE ripoff! Don’t go there if you are smart (I wasnt at the time) I live
    with my parents and I’m working two jobs making round 50k after taxes. I
    know if I keep it up for a couple of years I’ll get Sallie Mae out of my
    life forever!

  4. You can get food that is much cheaper than pizza. It’s called a grocery
    store. You also don’t need to scholarships to get through college if you go
    to a place that isn’t 20,000 dollars a year and work a lot you can pay for
    college yourself. Living at home and going to a college near by is also a
    big money saver. I am a white middle class suburbanite and I have paid for
    my first 2 years of college with no loans at all. I work 30 hours a week
    and I don’t spend money on anything else.

  5. Bottom line? Don’t go to college on Loans! It’s a SCAM!!!!!!!! I have paid
    off thousands in student loans and still owe $24,000.00 in a Federal Loan
    to Sallie Mae and $1,900.00 in a Perkins loan….I have been on Disability
    for the past 7 years and have been deferring these loans on a “hardship”. I
    am in credit card debt due to living expenses and trying to get those paid
    off before my student loan debt kicks in! My doctor won’t sign that I will
    never work again to get these loans forgiven!

  6. I agree with everything he said because I did it. I worked 30 hours a week
    (yes at the crappy jobs just get off your butt and do it) while studying
    and had NO hand outs. I went to a cheaper college because my piece of paper
    was the same as someone else’s piece of paper who paid 10 times more for
    their’s. I was hired by someone who liked that I worked and wasn’t handed
    everything. What ever you dream can be yours but no one is going to hand it
    to you.

  7. The problem is the mind set people have. College isn’t a right. If you
    cannot afford it, then you cannot go…period! Same thing with buying a
    home, it’s not a God given right. If you know going into it that you will
    graduate school with $200,000 in debt and cannot get a job, your an idiot!
    Don’t enter a field where there isn’t any job growth or future. I do not
    have a college degree because I couldn’t afford to finish. I make over
    $100k/yr. You make your own path in this world.

  8. I am not an idiot for not knowing that after getting a phD, our goverment
    would give all biology jobs away to the Chinese. Ya , that wasn’t ever

  9. Dave Ramsey does not have an answer for you. Don’t listen to him. Telling
    people don’t do this, don’t do that, is not going to cut it. We need to
    prohibit this type of lending by capping the earnings Sallie Mae and others
    can make off of a past due loan.

  10. I owe a whole lot of money but oh well. It is what it it is. Being charged
    over 15 percent interest on loans is a bit greedy though.

  11. Perhaps we could do away with the loans and allow the government to pay for
    education. After all, that is what the Soviet Union did, I know some who
    immigrated to the US from there with two doctoral degrees, all paid for by
    their gov’t. But the second any sort of assistance programs are even
    pitched people will begin bitching non-stop about how it’s going to ruin
    the economy, Jesus wouldn’t want this, this isn’t a socialist country and
    so on and forth.

  12. Sorry, its not possible for EVERYONE to get grants and scholarships.
    Ramsey’s advice is not practical.

  13. This guy is an idiot. Engineers Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Research
    Scientists, Banking and Business degrees do not for the most part allow for
    a part time job. You would miss out on networking and key extracurricular
    opportunities such as research and internships, mostly unpaid needed to get
    a good job. So have fun with waiter job in college cause when you graduate
    and thats all you can put on your resume youll most likely keep working
    there. I hAte people loke this stuck in the 70s with no idea o modern day
    competition and costs. Loans most of the time are necessary.

  14. Does he honestly think college students don’t work in college? Does he
    honestly think all of the debt students accrue is from partying and
    “lifestyle choices”?


  15. You can leave religion out of financial conversations. Actually, go ahead
    and leave religion out of all conversations. We’d be much better off. 

  16. I never took a student loan paid it while working and lived in my uncle`s
    house had no cellphone no car but atleast im debt free.

  17. For a self proclaimed expert he doesn’t know shit. The college students
    described here are college students from middle to upper class. A lot of
    poor college students are already going homeless for a period of time
    during their college experience, already getting their maximum financial
    aid packages and already working if not working 2 jobs, but still unable to
    cover the cost.

    You think all college students go to college to party on borrowed money,
    you are an idiot. UCSB is regarded as one of the top party schools and it
    has over 21,000 students. How many attend the party scenes regularly? Only
    in the hundreds – a thousand on a good day. Most of these students that
    attend these parties are from the middle to upper class families. Most of
    them can afford to fuck up their college experience because their parents
    can afford foot most if not all of the bill for college. This is less than
    5% of total students. The rest of the 95% are out their studying or working
    their minimum wage job.

    This guy has the nerve to tell students to get small 1 bedroom apartment to
    save money? Poor college students are lucky if they can afford a room. Most
    of the time they are sharing a room with someone else because that is all
    their minimum wage job could afford. Some even go homeless.

    I don’t know this guy but I hate him already. Yes, college debt is bad, but
    you are not alleviating the problem by having this guy as a source of
    financial wisdom.

  18. So, because banks took advantage of dumb parents and kids we can spend the
    next 10 years. Until 32 years old getting back to zero. If someone has sex
    with a minor they go to jail. Yet you can bamboozle a child and their
    parents and rape their wallets and somehow it’s the victims fault. That’s
    some bullshit. There’s a reason why kids are protected. (Cause they don’t
    know any better)

  19. Here is what Thomas Jefferson had to say about debt and about the authority
    of the people to govern their own lives – ” The interest of the national
    debt of France being in fact but a two thousandth part of it’s rent roll,
    the paiment of it is practicable enough: and so becomes a question merely
    of honor, or of expediency. But with respect to future debts, would it not
    be wise and just for that nation to declare, in the constitution they are
    forming, that neither the legislature, nor the nation itself, can validly
    contract more debt than they may pay within their own age, or within the
    term of 19. years? And that all future contracts will be deemed void as to
    what shall remain unpaid at the end of 19. years from their date? This
    would put the lenders, and the borrowers also, on their guard. By reducing
    too the faculty of borrowing within it’s natural limits, it would bridle
    the spirit of war, to which too free a course has been procured by the
    inattention of money-lenders to this law of nature, that succeeding
    generations are not responsible for the preceding.

    On similar ground it may be proved that no society can make a perpetual
    constitution, or even a perpetual law. The earth belongs always to the
    living generation. They may manage it then, and what proceeds from it, as
    they please, during their usufruct. They are masters too of their own
    persons, and consequently may govern them as they please. But persons and
    property make the sum of the objects of government. The constitution and
    the laws of their predecessors extinguished then in their natural course
    with those who gave them being. This could preserve that being till it
    ceased to be itself, and no longer. Every constitution then, and every law,
    naturally expires at the end of 19 years. If it be enforced longer, it is
    an act of force, and not of right.–It may be said that the succeeding
    generation exercising in fact the power of repeal, this leaves them as free
    as if the constitution or law has been expressly limited to 19 years only.
    In the first place, this objection admits the right, in proposing an
    equivalent. But the power of repeal is not an equivalent. It might be
    indeed if every form of government were so perfectly contrived that the
    will of the majority could always be obtained fairly and without
    impediment. But this is true of no form. The people cannot assemble
    themselves. Their representation is unequal and vicious. Various checks are
    opposed to every legislative proposition. Factions get possession of the
    public councils. Bribery corrupts them. Personal interests lead them astray
    from the general interests of their constituents: and other impediments
    arise so as to prove to every practical man that a law of limited duration
    is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal.

    This principle that the earth belongs to the living, and not to the dead,
    is of very extensive application and consequences, in every country,”
    Thomas Jefferson to James Madison in Popular Basis of Political Authority

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