Dan Rather Reports – Mind Your Loan Business

The recession has made retraining workers a growth industry. Vocational schools are booming — especially trucking schools. Last year federal workforce programs trained over 13,000 new truckers. By official counts, these programs have stellar graduation rates and job placement, but our investigation reveals the untold story. For part three in our series on the trucking industry, we meet dozens of trucker trainees who say that instead of new skills and opportunities, their schooling steered them into financial ruin. Also, for the most part, investors go into the stock market knowing the risks – they know that if their investments drop in value, they have to live with the losses. But not all financial losses are a natural part of the ups and downs of the stock market, some investors are taken advantage of or even conned by their brokers. We take a look at a securities arbitration clinic, staffed by law students, which is devoted to helping small investors who’ve lost money due to their broker.

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15 thoughts on “Dan Rather Reports – Mind Your Loan Business

  1. Extremely interesting considering the fact that I’ll be going for my CDL
    Permit this week going into next. I’m now having second thoughts about
    paying a certain “CDL SCHOOL” $1,200.00 located in the Bronx. Come to think
    of it, I was told that I was “approved” to attend a 2 week school in
    Albany. When I said, “GREAT! WHO’S THE COMPANY HIRING ME!?” I was told, “At
    this point, it’s verbal for the loan purposes, no company yet”…

  2. @ufxsxku uh ha, thats what I was thinking. Spent a few hours finding a good
    loan offer. Loved this one, quick and easy. Check it out here =>

  3. Ive been a truck driver for almost 30 years now.DONT do it,and god forbid
    dont PAY someone to get you to do it now!When i was 16 i got a job on-site
    driving a water truck and for 2 years i only encountered asphalt enough to
    get to the nearest hydrant.No power steering,70’s pete,and 7 Scrapers with
    2 D-8 Bulldozers to push…My point being,VERY intense training,i ‘almost’
    was brought to tears at that age,BUT i was always being paid!Dont PAY to be
    trained.They need you

  4. And I have 2 add,Over the Road Trucking is so very difficult,I mean with
    all the legalities and responsibility and then having to live your life at
    truck stops,fixing your logs(illegal) and running yourself ragged you can
    make 40k in a year.I made it 7 months OTR and I just realized it wasnt
    worth it.Much better construction,utility,logging,i mean if it pays by the
    mile,dont do it…

  5. Trucking is the biggest scam there is. Driver Solutions is another one to
    stay completely away from all they advertise is lies the reason these
    companies always hire is because is the very high turnover.

  6. I think that I have become a victim of these scammers after handing over
    £965 to a UK company. They have promissed to find me work when I pass my
    Cat C test. They have also said that a certain company are recruiting
    petrol tanker drivers and that this company will pay 40% towards my cat C+E
    and my hazardous materials training once I get my Cat C. They are trying to
    pressure me into paying another £1127 immediately in order to do this.
    After watchin this vid I am certain that I have been scammed

  7. Stay away from ‘Click HGV Training’. High pressure, constant phone calls
    wanting you to pay this minute and their email address is non existent
    (emails bounce back).

  8. every day on daytime TV you constantly see those ads for example, Kaplan
    College, this or that college, so and so…… they don’t give a crap if
    you get employed after your course finishes, you’re pretty much on your

  9. whether you get employed or not they don’t care, they are eager to enroll
    you so they can take your money, and collect interest, wake up people.

  10. This Cooper asshat probably gave his company a bunch of hassle at every
    turn. You get many bad eggs who thinks they are owed the world. 

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