Currency attack by foreign speculators. Financial terrorists

Iceland, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Turkey, Kenya and many many more faced very recent attacks on their currencies by FOREIGN SPECULATORS.
FROM : US, UK, Switzerland

Iceland was bankrupt:
Currency crashed:

Romania’s currency was under hard fire and the RON plunged, luckily the Central Romanian Bank had the means, presence of spirit to discover the speculators and stop them:
“It is for the first time that the governor of the National Bank of Romania speaks openly about a speculative attack on the currency market. He did not reveal who was behind the attacks but suspicion hovers around thee big international banks that do not have branches in Romania.”
“The Financial Institutions that started the attack are amongst the ones that have received financial aid from the Occidental governments to be able to face the crisis.”

Rumors have surfaced about the foreign speculators: US investment funds JP Morgan-Chase, UK bank RBS, Unicredit.

Hungary, Ukraine currencies crashed and now are in debt (slaves) to the IMF:
IMF said Turkey was likely to join the queue for bail-outs very soon.
Turkey’s prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said over the weekend that his country would not “darken its future by bowing to the wishes of the IMF”

Kenya schilling crashed:

Romanian prime minister had a first reaction to the foreign financial terrorist attack:
I don’t think is normal that foreign banks, saved (bailed-out) with public funds, engage in speculative operations to profit on the back of the Romanian tax payer.”
“It is not moral what’s happening. Of course Capitalism in essence is not moral …”
“Romania should bring this to the attention of the European Union …”

The Prime Minister spoke with the Prime minister in Hungary and Poland in order to establish a common position against speculators, and ensure such attacks can be rejected:

And in the Meantime IMF is starting more rumors about countries economies with the clear goal of destabilizing them. Using the crashed currencies and economies as excuse it has plans to “PRINT IT’s OWN MONEY”
“The nuclear option is to print money by issuing Special Drawing Rights, in effect acting as if it were the WORLD’s CENTRAL BANK”: