Clarke and Dawe – European Debt Crisis “Roger, Financial Consultant” Originally aired on ABC 7:30 Report, 20/05/2010

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25 thoughts on “Clarke and Dawe – European Debt Crisis

  1. Time for an update. Call it a sequel with newer financials. Throw in Cyprus
    and the confiscation.

  2. Sadly it’s true. Common man suffering as a result as totally incompetent

  3. “Since the war” may be a cynic poke at how the UK never really got back up
    after WW2, love it. This one is perhaps the funniest they made.

  4. Sometime it takes a humorist to explain the complicated world of politics
    and economics. These guys are great.

  5. If one broke economy lends money to another broke economy, where does the
    money come from and who gets the interest? The answer to this question is
    also the reason our nations are going broke. There is a simple solution:
    Nationalize ALL banks… especially the privately owned Federal Reserve in
    the US and the privately owned central banks in the EU.

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