China-Australia free trade deal | Journal

After 10 years in the making China and Australia have formally signed a free trade agreement. It will give each nation unprecedented access to each others markets. Australia will find it easier to export beef and wine to China. Chinese carmakers and electronics companies will get a boost too.

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3 thoughts on “China-Australia free trade deal | Journal

  1. Seems Australia has gone where it will serve the AUD best, even a wee
    colony can see where America is going.

  2. I suppose this makes sense however my main concern is about Australian
    natural resources. We are a “lucky country” in terms of having access to so
    much, but the more foreign investment we actually have in the mining sector
    will most likely also lead to exploitation of the goods at the expense of
    the environment. Countries like Canada and Australia need to lead the way
    in terms of proper management of the resources. If only we had more forward
    thinking politicians like the Germans and Northern European countries do.

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