Channel 10 news on Better Choice fuel rebate home loan

Better Choice Home Loan fuel offer is a rebate home loan, a cash back home loan all in one. If you want one of the best home loan interest rates, or the best home loan offset account, then you have come to the right place.
Not only does this have one of the best home loan interest rates in Australia or even the commonwealth, then add in you get cash back on your home loan via a loyalty home loan offer.
This beats Bank loans
This is the best Non Bank home loan on offer.
Check out the home loan interest rates we can offer attached to this fuel rebate loan. You will find the best rates for home loan even with our fuel rebate.
Our offset home loan is probably the best offset home loan in the country or the commonwealth.
Each month we ask you to email or fax us a copy of your fuel receipts, and the best bit is it doesn’t matter where you buy or what you buy, even if you have had a discount with the original purchase, send them to us, and we will give you an additional fuel rebate (terms and conditions apply) starting at 10 cents per litre, then 20 cents per litre, then 50 cents per litre to a massive per litre for the largest loans.
Big loan discount is massive with the fuel rebate.
Our flexible 100% offset loan is great for owner occupiers or investors alike.
With investors, you get effectively a safe place to 100% offset your investment loan, but access to the funds at any time without damaging the original “use” so it remains protected as investment loan.
For owner occupiers it is perfect as a home for your cashflow and for your savings account.
Best loan for those expecting some money from friends or family.
Best offset loan for fixed rates as you can 100% deposit into the offset even on fixed rates.