Carly Crutchfield Property Development Live Testimonials

Attendees of CCORP’s Carly Crutchfield 3 day property development bootcamp, tell what they think so far.

Carly Crutchfield began her life from humble beginnings and eventually started to work for other companies in the property and investment sector before deciding she wanted a strategy that could multiply her wealth, and she thought the answer might lie in property development.

Now, Carly Crutchfield, the CEO & founder of CCORP, has been actively involved in the property market for over 12 years, in property development, property investment and renovating. Her property strategies have included and involved using little money down as that is what Carly Crutchfield started with. Carly Crutchfield has a passion for property that stems from when she was a teenager and she loves showing others her property tips and tricks.

Carly Crutchfield has developed, optioned, renovated and sold property all over Australia and CCORP provides others with an opportunity to get a detailed grasp on how Carly has achieved all this at such a young age. Carly Crutchfield is a strong minded person who doesn’t take no for an answer and it is this determination which carries Carly and drives her to continually outdo herself and challenge herself. Carly Crutchfield is not a stranger to hard work and is actively involved in her property projects. Not only does Carly Crutchfield develop her own small to medium sized residential projects, but Carly also shares her secrets of successful property development and renovation through her CCORP workshops — CCORP has taught more than 80,000 people the art of property development and property investment. CCORP provides Aussies with weekly updates in the property market, teaches property development and property investment strategies and has a array of divisions including finance brokerage to help people to get their property loans approved. Carly Crutchfield works hard to make sure that her clients are the best informed in the industry. Carly Crutchfield and CCORP are proud of their involvement of so many ordinary Aussies changing their lives for the better through property and enjoy helping them along every step of their property journey.

And you may recognise Carly Crutchfield from her involvement with Channel Nine’s Secret Millionaire program which aired internationally. The show placed Carly inside a struggling community in Melbourne, in disguise, where she made a difference to the lives of those she came into contact with. The show Secret Millionaire has allowed Carly Crutchfield to help many struggling Aussies but Carly is no stranger to charity work having visited many communities struggling from natural disasters including the Indonesia Boxing Day Tsunami, the China earthquakes and the Phillippines following a Typhoon to mention just a few.

Carly Crutchfield is an active campaigner against drug use and has helped educate thousands of teenagers against the danger of drugs. She has helped many turn their lives around and kick the habit and is an inspiration to many young people throughout Australia.

Carly Crutchfield was also a finalist in the prestigious Best Young Entrepreneur category for the International Stevie Awards, for Women In Business and a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Females, 2011 due to the result of her hard work developing CCORP to be one of Australia’s leading companies to provide such an abundance of property information, strategies, advice and education.

While Carly Crutchfield holds her own in the hard and fast, male-dominated property and construction industry, in her spare time she enjoys some of the more luxurious pursuits success has allowed her such as travelling the world although her keen business drive has her constantly on the lookout for new opportunities, new ideas, and new ways to make CCORP bigger and better. She is constantly changing, evolving and keeping ahead of everyone else in property, business and knowledge. CCORP ‘s main focus is to bring real education that is current, up to date and most importantly is relevant to people starting out, people looking to increase their current property portfolios and who want to expand their property knowledge to allow them even more success.

Carly Crutchfield has created a complete Property Development Course and a Renovation Course detailing a step by step guide on how she applies her property strategies to real life. She has successful students all throughout Australia; people who have invested in great property deals, made millions through property development, and those who want smaller projects such as renovating.

If you want to know more about Carly Crutchfield, her courses or how to access her free property information go to She has intro property development DVDs available, intro property investment DVDs available as well as numerous other videos, books and property tools.