Career with Empower Wealth

Empower Wealth is an award winning advisory firm that has established itself as one of Australia’s leading Property, Finance and Money and Wealth advisory practices. The firm, led by Ben Kingsley (National commentator on property, Chair of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia and award winning Property Investment Advisor) and Bryce Holdaway, (Co Host of Location Location Location Australia on the Lifestyle Channel, leading industry commentator and highly successful Buyers Agent).

Empower Wealth helps everyday Australians to better manage their money and build wealth via independent property investment advice and acquisition.

The Empower Wealth group is 100% independent and client focused. We provide tailored finance, property and wealth advisory solutions by bringing together specialist advisors within the property, finance and financial planning disciplines, who work collaboratively to develop and implement best practice money management strategies and financial plans for our clients. To learn more, please visit our About Us page.