Car Loan Tricks and Traps – Today Tonight – 29/11/2012

In need of some extra cash for your dream car? CANSTAR’s Chris Groth explains the ins and outs of car financing in this clip from Today Tonight.
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4 thoughts on “Car Loan Tricks and Traps – Today Tonight – 29/11/2012

  1. I’m a victim of this kind of car buying. My 1st car was 16,000 grand
    payable for 5 years 130 dollars pw and used car. Now i realize that if i
    buy other car it should be brand new .. Yes i have other car now which is
    brand new and the amount is 32,000 for 5 years and 150 dollars a week.

  2. Its not a trap, some people are just stupid. That one woman was hopping for
    10 percent financing, lol, if someone offered me a 10 percent financing
    just tell them to piss off. Here is an idea, Graduate high school and know
    how to do math dumb asses. And their is no 0 percent financing, its figured
    into the price and the cash purchese incetives from the dealer. Unreal
    “hopping for 10 percent financing” all of these people are just stupid.

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