Canadian Mortgage Rules Change 2016

More Mortgage Rule Changes!
Over the past few years we have seen a large number of mortgage rule changes.
• Maximum amortizations decreased from 40 to 25 years
• Terms less than 5 years required a borrower to qualify at a higher interest rate
• Refinances capped at 80% of a property’s value
• Income for self-employed individuals had to be more verifiable
• Increased down payment for homes over 0,000
And the list can go on and on. We have heard rumors since March of this year that another round of rule changes were coming through but we were not 100% on exactly what they would entail.
The hot real estate markets and ever escalating prices in Vancouver and Toronto have been a great concern to the government. Couple that with the lousy economy in Alberta and arrears rates which are rising and the federal government has deemed it prudent to add additional mortgage lending rules.
Why are they even worried about it you may ask? The reason is simple, they are heavily invested in our real estate market. CMHC stands for the Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation which is owned by the federal government. They are issuing insurance policies that they are potentially going to have to cover losses on from tax payer’s money if/when people stop paying.
Say your neighbor bought their house with 5% down and has lost their job and can no longer make the payments so the bank steps in and forecloses. CMHC, and the other mortgage insurers, have guaranteed that they will step in and cover any monetary losses incurred by the bank. This means that the government and therefore all of us are literally heavily invested in the real estate market and at risk if it crashes.
On Monday October the 3rd the Ministry of Finance announced 3 more things.
1. Mortgage Stress Test
As of October 17th, 2016 all insured mortgages, regardless of term or type, will be required to qualify at the bank of Canada posted rate.
To put that in perspective.
Family Income ,000
Monthly Debts 0
Property Taxes ,500
25 year term
(Qualification rate today is 2.39% and after will be 4.64%)
Today that family can buy a home worth approx. 3,000 but after the 17th that drops to 0,000. That is a large decrease to say the least.
The rate you pay will not change, just the interest rate we have to use to qualify you for the loan