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Almost all of the few hundred gathered held Ron Paul lawn signs they received that morning and most of them agreed the Texas Congressman has little chance
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American Revolution?
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Antiwarcom Redwood CityCA
AP MINNEAPOLISMinnesota supporters of presidential hopeful Ron Paul hope the Texan will win some speaking time at the GOP National Convention in St Paul
AP Minnesota supporters of presidential hopeful Ron Paul hope the Texan will win some speaking time at the GOP National Convention in St Paul
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As Ron asked all the right questions such as why we are still at war in Iraq when the whole thing was undertaken under false pretenses ie a big lie
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BOB VON STERNBERG and KEVIN DUCHSCHERE Star Tribune Ron Paul remains the longest of long shots to win the Republican presidential nomination
Book signings draw TV cameras and fans in the autograph line can be interviewed as if they were at a Star Wars convention: I can’t wait to meet him! Not surprisingly Texas Rep Ron Paul the Republican with the libertarian streak
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Congressman Ron Paul brought his message to his alma mater Gettysburg College Born and raised in Pittsburgh the Republican candidate graduated from
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DAN GLEITER The PatriotNews Republican presidential candidate and Gettysburg College graduate Ron Paul toured his alma mater and spoke to supporters at
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For the fourth time in just a few months a presidential candidate will be visiting Missoula and that’s already making fans of Republican Ron Paul excited
For those that don’t his name is Ron Paul Some say he is principled to a fault Some say he is heroic The truth is he is just a representative who takes
Forsythe a supporter of Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul was featured in the Granite Status political column on February
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He might not be considered one of the major frontrunners but Texas Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul will be making a campaign
Here comes the Ron Paul Revolution! Isn’t it weird that the Iranians benefit from the war? If our homie Maliki can have relations with Ahmedinejad why can’t we? Why won’t the Sons of Iraq go back to fighting us?
Here is our convention strategy: LOTS OF RON PAUL DELEGATES That’s essentially it We can accomplish very little if we can’t turn out our people Dr Paul will be speaking at the convention And he’ll probably take the time to sign his
I showed up at the Delegate Caucus in Clearwater Florida to learn more about the process Paul from Clearwater Florida There are a few in the Ron Paul
I’ve been putting some McCain yard signs up around Lancaster county but a few I have put up mysteriously disappear shortly afterwards and a Ron Paul sign is put in it’s place Coincidence? Oh and speaking of Dr
I’d missed this news from a few days ago: Ron Paul supporters staged a democratic coup at Minnesota Republican district meetings and left the party’s
If Ron Paul recently dropped out of the presidential race then perhaps you’d care to explain why I heard three Ron Paul radio commercials on two different radio stations here in Pennsylvania on my way home from work today
If the Barr campaign seizes this political moment the fields plowed Ron Paul and tended his activist followers can blossom into a harvest of votes
In a speech in Pennsylvania Ron says that although he didn’t coin the word revolution to describe what he was all about he came to embrace it
In late 2006 and early 2007 rumors began spreading that Ron Paul the Libertarian Party candidate for President in 1988 and perhaps the most
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It’ some sorta conmspiracy I tell you More goofy than presidential candidate Ron Paul defended a charge that he was nothing but an ‘ass hat’ and should
Jared S Hopkins In direct response to recent activity supporters of GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul the Twin Falls County Republican Central