Business News – Financial News – Stock Market Analysis – February 27, 2015 – Stock Market and Financial News

The trading week got off to a rough start after housing data showed existing home sales had fallen by nearly five percent. Oil prices have also continued to decline. The energy market has been volatile these past few months and we expect the volatility to continue into the near future.

Meanwhile, Greece and the European Union have come to terms on a four month extension for Greece’s loans. This should calm European markets and fears of a Eurozone break up are easing, at least for now. Expect tensions to rise once again, however, as the loan extension starts to expire.

As far as stocks go Apple continues to soar and shares have now surpassed the one hundred thirty dollar mark. There are rumors circulating that Apple could be trying to build a car, and the Apple Watch will be released in the near future. As such, there are a lot of things for investors to be excited about, but we want to caution that Apple could be overheated.

If you’re looking for a tech stock, we suggest you give LiveDeal a close look. LiveDeal is a hot mobile deal app that allows people to quickly and easily find great deals on food at nearby restaurants. LiveDeal recently reported its quarterly numbers and turned in strong revenue growth.

Another great tech stock option is Dataram, which is up about forty percent since the start of the year. We believe Dataram has the potential to become the next great turn around stock. This undervalued company has made some major management changes and looks set to enjoy a strong rebound in the months ahead.

Google is also looking undervalued at the moment with shares selling for only five hundred and thirty dollars. Google is facing stiff challenges from Apple and other competitors, but we believe that the company will overcome these challenges. Google remains one of the most innovative companies in the world.

Any of these three companies would make a great investment right now. The tech industry has been able to weather some of the recent turbulence, and even as other indices have struggled, the NASDAQ has continued to gain ground.