Business News – Economic News – Stock Market – February 18, 2015

Things are finally starting to calm down in Europe with Ukraine and Russia signing a peace agreement. Meanwhile, there are reports that Greece is softening its stance on its bailout and will seek an extension of its loans. If true, this will mark a major turning point in the Greek-EU negotiations.

The stability in Europe is helping energy markets recover and crude oil prices are back on the rise once again. WTI crude is now selling for more than fifty dollars a barrel and Brent crude is selling for more than sixty dollars a barrel. Energy stocks have also been enjoying strong gains over the past few days.

Meanwhile, Apple is preparing to launch its long-awaited smart watch. Developers are gathering in Cupertino to put finishing touches on software, and the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple is ordering between five to six million watches for its initial run. We’re not sure if the Apple Watch will be the next iPhone, but we do expect it to generate a lot of buzz.

And do you know what else is generating a lot of buzz? Our hot stock LiveDeal, which reported its quarterly earnings last week. LiveDeal turned in its best numbers ever with sales increasing by over a thousand to reach million. LiveDeal continues to ramp up its marketing efforts, so we expect revenues and sales to continue to rise.

Another one of our favorite stocks, Salesforce, has been posting big gains over the last few days. Just last week Salesforce shares were selling for only fifty eight dollars, but shares have since risen to over sixty two dollars. It looks like investors are getting excited for the company’s quarterly earnings report, which is due next week. We recommend giving Salesforce a close look.

Our last hot stock pick, Dataram, continues to look like a great buy. The company’s turn around efforts are in full swing and stocks are up 40% since the beginning of the year. We expect Dataram to continue to outperform markets and believe that every investor should consider adding this company to their portfolio.

We expect all three of these stocks to perform well in the weeks ahead! – Market news at your fingertips.

As for this week, we’re going to be keeping a close eye on Europe. If Greek and EU authorities can come to an agreement, we expect markets to rise substantially. On the other hand, if fighting breaks out in Ukraine again, we expect markets to be weighed down.