Business Circle: Going Global – The Content Industry On What It Takes

The creative industry requires professionals who are both managerially proficient and artistically savvy. Unfortunately, there exists a significant dichotomy in the skill sets and perspectives of business/finance professionals and creative artists. This dichotomy tends to create problems within the sector. It is essential that the artistic mindset understands where the financiers are coming from and how to manage that relationship to maximum mutual advantage.

Are content creators selling their stories from a creative and financial angle? Is content itself enough to go global? We find out from stakeholders in the content industry on what it takes to be a winner.

Business Circle had the opportunity to speak to Low Huoi Seong who is the CEO of Vision New Media. Seong has over 26 years of experience in the content industry, having started Vision Entertainment with his partner in 1985 as a TV programme distribution company. Since then the group has ventured into licensing & merchandising animation, video games, as well as digital/mobile interactive services Seong is currently a member of the Local Advisory Panel of MSC Malaysia, a member of the FINAS and TeAM boards.

Keiko Hagihara Bang is CEO of Bang Productions which is an award winning boutique media consulting and investment company committed to excellence in production and management of blue-chip quality content for the Asian region. In addition to being a leading producer in the region, she is also a media consultant for major corporations and government agencies, specializing in the creation of partnerships between media companies and generating deals for branded content, cross-platform content, and entertainment-related content

Naguib Razak is Director General of FINAS and has extensive experience in documentary film production and direction. Prior to joining FINAS he was Managing Director of Blue In Green Productions. Naguib is a fellow at the Asian Public Intellectuals Fellowship and Senior Executive at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

Johan Ishak is CEO, MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd. Johan is charged with the task of launching MyCreative Ventures Sdn Bhd, a pioneer project set up by the Prime Minister of Malaysia to spur the creative industry and elevate its significance to the national economy. With an initial budget allocation of RM200 million the fund, MyCreative can either become a business partner via equity funding or provide loans to business owners. Johan joins MyCreative Ventures from Media Prima, where he was GM of Financial Reporting since 2009. Johan has an extensive international background having worked in Australia, the US, and the UK in various positions with Deloitte Touche, Petronas and PwC.

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