Bubble Sports Australia (Bubble Soccer Adelaide / Melbourne)

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Bubble Sports Australia is proudly presenting our promotional video to introduce this amazingly fun new craze to hit Australia! We are hosting events to play Bubble Sports all over South Australia and have contacts all around Australia.

Film was captured, cut, colour graded and audio synced all by the famous Nathan Swan
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Credit to each of the following people who helped make this video possible!
Chris Firgaira (Stunt Man)
Daniel Cairns (Stunt Man)
Ashleigh Firgaira (Stunt Woman)
Vickie Cairns (Stunt Woman)
Matt Rose (The Bulldozer)
Adrian Bouwhuis (Stunt Man)
Bianca Bouwhuis (Stunt Woman)
Lyla Bouwhuis (Stunt baby)
Aiden King (Triple Tower Stunts Specialist)
Corey Berg (Triple Tower Stunts Specialist)
Shaun Cairns (Stunt Man)
Sally Cairns (Stunt Woman)

This was filmed on…
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 6D
GoPro HD Hero 3

This video was filmed at Christie Downs High School oval.

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  1. Increible video de nuestros hermanos Australianos, Pronto en Chile el
    ‪#‎BubbleFutbol‬. ‪#‎BubbleSportsChile‬! #GoSocceroos!

    Bubble Sports Australia SA (Bubble Soccer)

  2. Solo con ver el Video apetece lanzarse a jugar. espero poder tener la
    oportunidad algun dia.

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