Big Ramy Vs Phil Heath !!!

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25 thoughts on “Big Ramy Vs Phil Heath !!!

  1. They both look like shit. BB’ing used to be about aesthetics, not looking
    like a fucking retard.

  2. Bodybuilding at the top level nowadays is an absolute joke! These guys look
    despicable compared to the likes of Arnold, Franco, flex etc it’s just
    stupid, I cannot fathom how anybody would want to look like a pregnant,
    shaved down, oiled up, gorilla wearing a g string on a stage? Some
    seriously deranged minds out there… Wtf is this entire industry becoming?

  3. Massive! His internal organs gotta be begging for mercy at this point.
    Living like a supernova.

  4. Its off season, phil always looks shit, its contest day what matters, phil
    grows into a show and with his roundness no one can beat him, ramy is to
    syntholed up

  5. who cares what bostin loyd was saying lol and phil has more illusions on
    his body big ramy is an endomorph so from the back doesnt look the same and
    phil always come lookin like a fuckin skeleton the day of mr .o yeah big
    ramy is the freak right now but phil physique at olympia is so much more
    pleasant to look at

  6. @luimarco- you fail to realize that ramy is about 2 weeks away from the ny
    pro and Phil is in off season mode= ofcourse ramy is a bit leaner.. But
    aesthetically speaking, Phil owns and will own ramy on stage easily.. There
    is a reason why Phil is the gift. Only person who has a shot at dethroning
    him is Dennis wolf

  7. Markus Ruhl… Won so many Olympia titles coz of his sheer size advantage
    so if he could do it then Rammy can too.

  8. Too much speculation. People need to stay away from IF. It doesn’t matter
    how you look before the competition. All that matters is how you look on
    the day of the competition. Simple as that. Ramy has never won Mr. Olympia
    but Phil Heath has. Also in order to beat the champion you must win by
    KNOCK OUT. You cannot win by being as good as the champion. YOU MUST BE
    said a person who does not come from America and does not speak English can
    be the CHAMPION.

  9. Ramy`s quads are too big for the rest of his body. His front double bicep
    actually looks goofy to me. Not symmetrical at all and definitely not
    ascetic. He really needs to cool off on the quad development and put that
    energy to his calves. The freakish look he brings will never win a Mr. O. 

  10. its all buisness they make bodybuilding a money industry they make
    bodybuilders steroids ambusers and theve lost the nice symetry and
    beauty of the sport and its getting worst 

  11. Yes, Big Ramy is leaner, but there is a very good reason for this. This
    guest posing was exactly 2 weeks before the New York Pro, which Ramy was
    dieting for. So by that calculation, Ramy was 2 weeks out. In that context
    he looks pretty bad for someone 2 weeks out if you think about it.
    I’m actually surprised he was able to get so much leaner in only 2 weeks.
    I suppose Ramy was also carrying a lot of water.

  12. his left delt is protruding forward slightly more or just looks different
    to his right, also his calfs are way out of proportion to his legs

  13. longevity….none of the “pros” will last long..palumboism (insulin abuse)
    will set in and they will either die (a shame) or show their disfigured
    physiques to the next generation…also a shame

  14. The Weider muscle mafia keeps the domestic BBs on the podium and
    frenetically denies all foreign competitors this position. It’s so freakin
    obvious its comical. 

  15. Your crazy , you compare when guest posing. Apples to oranges. When in
    counted who looked better. I can’t believe people watch your crap

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