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  1. Dennis Wolf should’ve got 3rd place. That’s all I’m saying. I understand
    why he didn’t, but as diced to the sox as he was, I don’t think Rodens
    roundness/proportions(which are great) should’ve carried him past Wolf. 

  2. im thinking the results are biased. phils only winning cause hes become a
    cash cow.. yes he looks unreal. but so do many others, and personally, i
    cannot see how phil is much better than ramy if at all n that last photo…

  3. 4:24 The only muscle weakness with Big Ramy seems to be his calves, which
    aren’t horrible or anything, but aren’t as big as Phil’s and don’t quite
    match the rest of his physique. Still, with those oversized quads, he’s
    always going to look freaky on stage.

  4. lol that comment about Phil’s gut was fucking hilarious xD, it’s gonna
    claim its independence like Scotland bahaha!

  5. Jesus, why doesnt he take it easy on the quads? Is it some fascination of
    his? I can see the temptation when a body part just wont stop growing but
    Good LOrD! Does he want symmetry and proportions or not???

  6. That bulging midsection of Phil was disgraceful, I mean, its
    disproportionate and unaesthetic. Even Greene came in this year with better
    midsection, I can’t believe they gave it to Phil.

  7. Not saying the guy didn’t get any bigger, but those 2 pics aren’t really a
    good comparisons are they? I mean, one is a tad bit closer up than the
    other so of course he’s going to look bigger.

  8. Ok so he hamstring injury thats what they are saying so he couldn’t train
    the las 4 weeks before Mr.O thats oh cool ok ill believe it but all that
    has nothing to do with conditioning THANK YOU!!!
    Plus dude stop showing thise weird pics those comparison from 2013 and 2014
    i dont know if im the only one that notice but those 2013 pics look like
    they where fucked with they are completely out of focus not sharp at all
    and the list goes on the u put that next to the 2014 pics and its oh wow
    plz DUDE u know about bodybuilding as much as i know about “THE BIG BANG”

  9. 0:05 – правая фотография несколько увеличена по сравнению с левой. Это
    видно по голове, которая чуть больше на правом фото. По остальным фото- та
    же байда. Поэтому говорить о прогрессе по этим фото можно с натяжкой. 

  10. Kai>Heath, Obviously youve depicted that, however that being said, you know
    big ramy will not be a MR. O one day simply because he cant even speak
    english, how will he ever be able to portray what being mr olympia is
    throughout the year? unfortunate, but its something to think about.

  11. This guy is 30 – he has trained for 4 Years .
    Let’s see what he is like in 4 or 5 years from now.
    That TRIPLE DISTILLED CAMEL’S PISS he is taking plays havoc with your
    internal health.
    Who gives a shit about their liver, kidneys, heart — when they have a
    great pair of Quads,.
    Go check out the Youtube video — DEAD BODYBUILDERS.
    It’s friggin ‘ great.

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