BBC News Show “Show Me The Money” Episode 36, 31 July 2011 Part 1

Lively debate with Declan Curry and top bosses and entrepreneurs about who’s making money and how they are doing it. Anil Stocker represents MarketInvoice to provide an overview of working capital finance from the business point of view.

Part 2:

Marketinvoice is the UK’s first online trading system for corporate invoices. It is revolutionising SME funding and the invoice finance industry. Marketinvoice mission is to facilitate access to capital for small and medium businesses in an environment where funding is extremely hard.

Our online marketplace allows SMEs to raise much needed short-term capital by selling their invoices to institutional investors such as hedge funds, asset management companies, and high net worth/qualified investors, who bid in real time to acquire invoices at attractive returns. Through competitive bidding, SMEs will get a finance option with the highest amount of advanced cash with the lowest amount of discount fees.

What’s more, select which invoices to sell, and use Marketinvoice as much or as little as they want, as opposed to being contractually locked-in into a monthly wholesale invoice facility. Marketinvoice charges no hidden fees and provide full confidentiality to our clients, meaning that business owners will never be afraid of being overcharged or their client relationships damaged.

To be on top of your company’s finance, please try out our Auction Calculator to see how much cash your bushiness can get in advance.