Australia’s property bubble explained

Recently Australia’s treasurer Joe Hockey said the key to buying a house in Australia during these times of extreme prices is to “get a good paying job”. Mr Hockey also said that if houses were too expensive, people would not be buying them.

This youtube video sets out to fully inform you in 14 minutes as to all the fundamentals you need to understand why Australia has a property bubble and why it along with our economy will ultimately collapse.

3 thoughts on “Australia’s property bubble explained

  1. When the bubble bursts, and it’s coming, investors can stick their heads
    between their legs and kiss their arse goodbye.
    Joe Hockey has a boner for high real estate prices because Joe Hockey has
    around 10 million dollars invested in it.
    The prick has a personal vested interest in keeping the prices high. It’s
    gotten to the point where any attempt to dramatically correct the path real
    estate is on, could potentially burst that bubble, it’s THAT unstable. The
    real estate bubble was created by unregulated, over investment from foreign
    and domestic parties, with very little oversight by the Australian
    government. Tulip mania.

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