Australians Armed With Constitution Question Value Of Fiat Money, USD & Euro

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6 thoughts on “Australians Armed With Constitution Question Value Of Fiat Money, USD & Euro

  1. I want the system to collapse. I want people to help it collapse. Let’s
    stop using banks. Let’s own our food sources and media. Let’s fuck shit up
    in the corporate world for fucking shit up everywhere else.
    I’m fuckin’ angry, dammit! Why should I sit by and follow the law when
    corporations and government don’t, and they’re destroying the world and the
    lives of the people I love?
    Screw the law! Screw money! REVOLUTION!

  2. Wow, the pinnacle of developed nation, America, is becoming a Dystopia. If
    this is happening to the “free” and “brave” America, what will happen to
    the rest of the world? One thing is for sure, the free market monetary
    system and capitalist politic is fundamentally flawed and we cant dig
    ourselves out of this mess by investing more effort and time in the same
    systems. Repetitively doing the same thing to expect different result, this
    is the textbook definition of INSANITY. This shit has GOT TO GO.

    Money is just a middle man, a crooked corrupt middle man that shouldnt even
    existed. Pyramid structured governments only work if we are primitive
    cavemen bowing down to the strongest and most brutal. The only possible
    answer to these absurd and disgusting failures that I can see is a direct
    and democratic management of earth’s resources, without fiat currency
    getting in the way, without the guy on the top vetoing everything.

    The closest thing is a Natural Law Resource Based Economy, the most
    advance, humane, scientific and practical economic system known to man and
    the best thing about NLRBE is, it doesnt use any form of currency or trade
    and there is NO centralized, idealized governments telling you what to do,
    you basically have to adopt complete mutually beneficial cooperation and
    fulfill the demands of all in this system. Its the only system that can
    mathematically feed, house and provide a high standard of living to more
    than 14 billions. A system created from the ground up by scientists,
    engineers, philosophers, doctors, psychologist, biologist, activist and
    logic. Not by a bunch of crooked politicians with business and law degrees
    with vested personal interests. 

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