Australian Economic Future – Part 5/5 – Thoughts on our pay day lending

Part 5 of 5 continued interview with finance veteran John Swanepoel on the Australian economic future. John is asked his own personal opinion on Payday loans – good or bad?

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5 thoughts on “Australian Economic Future – Part 5/5 – Thoughts on our pay day lending

  1. i happen to agree with your “Economic Analyst” – you do have a truly
    wonderful product that can definitely get you out of tight squeeze. Another
    example: your pet is injured and needs surgery, you get paid monthly,
    perfect place to get the money you need to save the life of something you
    love. Fido lives, you get paid in a month (knowing that you need to
    incorporate Fido’s Vet Bill) and your happy that you have had this
    alternative. Customers need to be aware that it is not a long term solution

  2. NO! its not! they have investments here, as do many other countries. Large
    Corporations like BHP BILLITON do not and will not sell off their assets!
    Hence why they are listed on the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange). if you
    buy shares in that particular company for example then you become a
    “Shareholder” of BHP… no they DO NOT OWN THEM! the shareholders do to
    a degree. as in any business there is always an “owner” or “group of owners
    known as the Board of Directors! hope that helped!

  3. This guy needs to update his “Books”,he is way to soft. When the shit hits
    the fan,Australia will go down like a stone and people’s ignorance will def
    help it. He forgot to mention Australia borrows 100mil PER DAY Our real
    estate bubble reached moon size Our cost of living is one of the highest in
    the world China is slipping into recession Australians are asleep We have
    adversarial gov made of idiots and liars We r doomed mate and the clock is
    ticking and very few Aussies r prepared or notice it

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