Australian Business News: March 19, 2017


– Spending stagnated during February but momentum is predicted to pick up again

– Coles manager asks staff to work for pizza on a Sunday — weeks after penalty rates were cut

– Hazelwood’s closure raises threats of east coast blackouts and manufacturers quitting Australia

– Using superannuation to finance housing is super-bad policy: Paul Keating

– The four-day working week: is it possible?

– Victoria finally gets desalinated water

– m plan to turn Cato St carpark in Prahran into open air plaza

– Underemployment skyrockets to 1.1 million Australians

– ‘Foxes in the hen house’: new industry super ad takes on the banks

– Fishers’ pleas for assistance on prawn disease ‘fall on deaf ears’

– Someone has to give if we’re to fix the budget

– Gas crisis is about price, not supply: APA’s Mick McCormack

– Politicians argue on pay vs bills

– James Packer calls in 0m loan to Crown

– Beijing shuts last major coal power plant

– One of Wall Street’s biggest theories about higher interest rates is about to be tested

– Sydney, Melbourne property auction clearance rates hit record highs

– Former Westpac chief Kelly a surprise contender for BHP chair

– G20 sees role reversal of US, EU leaders on protectionist measures

– More density around rail stations and new schemes for renters: NSW housing plan