Australian Banking Scam!!

Jones deposits ,000 at bank A. With a 0.1 reserve ratio, bank A can lend out 0 of that deposit and keep 0 on hand as reserves. Let us say they lend out 0 and it makes its way to Smith — either he borrowed it, or the real borrower used it to pay him. Smith now has 0 that he deposits at another bank, B. Bank B, in turn, keeps as reserve (10% of 0) and lends out 0 to someone else. This 0 is spent and deposited at bank C, which keeps as reserves and lends out 9 to someone else. As this process continues, the total amount lent out by the various banks in the system adds up: 0 + 0 + 9 + …. The sum of this series is ,000. The total held in reserve also adds up: 0 + + + … = ,000. Thus ,000 of lending is supported by ,000 in reserves. This is why most commentators will state that fractional reserve banking allows the lending of multiples of reserves. Technically, it is not the bank that received the initial deposit that can lend out a multiple, but rather the system as a whole creates it through the process described above.

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  1. You can go one step further here in Australia. The moment you sign for a
    loan of any sum, it is sold off through the stock exchange, so
    automatically the bank has collected the full sum of you loan & then you
    pay it off at 3 times the principle, including the principle in cash. The
    bank is never at risk of your loan defaulting as its sold from day one.
    Trick is ” ask the bank the proof of the debt and they can’t” so why are
    you paying it off?

  2. And to expand on what you quite correctly have stated, if this is the case
    that the money you lent from the bank is paid off the moment you sign for
    it? Was that devolved to you when you were signing that contract? If the
    lender is withholding information about the contract? Can it be legally
    binding? Would you have signed for a ten thousand dollar loan if you KNEW
    they were going to pick up ninety grand from your signature yet they still
    expected you to pay interest on the ten grand???

  3. This happens virtually worldwide where ever there is a Rothschild
    controlled casino.

  4. @i8uNWO – very good question, as two wrongs don’t make a right! But if
    people knew the truth that the ATO was an illegal organisation in Australia
    and its against the law to make us pay income tax and if they knew that our
    income tax was only paying of the interest to our national debt to the
    Federal Reserve, that our Gov takes orders from. Yes, I would sign that non
    binding contract and take the free money.

  5. @i8uNWO Just to add to your excellent point about withholding information
    about a contract, which makes it non binding contract. If you ever look at
    a loan contract with the bank, they only ever get the borrowers signature.
    You will never see a bank managers or loans managers signature. Under
    contract law in Australia, that is an illegal contract. Hence it’s void!

  6. Where there’s Rothschild there’s Fractional lending. Same here in the UK
    and beyond. Thats why i don’t get loans and don’t have the Deathgrip.
    (Mortgage). When you accept to being a person then you have to accept the
    shit that comes with that fiction as its all fiction. mmmm i might start
    printing my own money as it will probably be worth the same as the useless
    (cant be backed up in assets) Zionists notes.

  7. @thegroove2000 Yes, you are 100% correct! But I had to laugh at the sarcasm
    of printing your own money…lol

  8. This should be in schools,homes,workplaces,bloody everywhere.You will never
    see or hear this in the media.A short educational piece of magic.Thanks.

  9. Thank you so much for this!! I can’t believe people haven’t actually
    understood this system of slavery, like seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lord save those who THINK and QUESTION!!!!! xoxo

  10. There is a place in Queensland Australia where they did create their own
    money.. Not sure what happened but it was successful for a while and a
    great concept.. paper is paper at the end of the day, it has no intrinsic
    value.. and numbers on a screen are even more worthless…!

  11. There are many other forms of “Legal Tender” under the “The Bills of
    Exchange Act 1909” that can be used to credit/off-set the balance of any
    so-call debt (Which is credit to you if you understand how the true system
    works). These other current legal tenders are Promissory Notes and A4V
    which are generally used together to pay the so-call debt. In a technical
    sense you are paying them twice, but it keeps them quiet if you do, as they
    get paid twice anyway when you pay cash. Learn More next post-

  12. I am going to give you a website that you need to checkout and take the
    time to understand everything this one person has taken the time to reveal
    to us all in the Western World about the banking systems and legal tender
    that is law!This is not a joke, it is FACT and we have been lied to all our
    lives!Once you comprehend it completely, its your duty as an Australian to
    show others and teach them to break away from the slavery.This goes for all
    the read this post! getoutofdebtfree UK site

  13. Hey Mate, that site isnt just for those in the UK. I only mentioned it as a
    UK site as the website ends in org, cause YT wont let me list the site on
    here. The site is developed for all those who are still using the English
    Banking Laws and Common Law. The Americans can use the site! The site will
    provide all you need in the sense of documents in your countries laws
    titles etc. I am glad you are already on to it mate! For all you that read
    this, if you dont check out that site! You are a MUG!

  14. Although the historical part is American, these bankstards are corrupting
    and scamming the same way in Australia. Same 2 political party gangs –
    LIE-BOR AND LIE-BERALS. PRIVATISATION of public utilities, electricity,
    (toll) motorways, so globalists can buy-in and exploit resources. By design
    or as copycats, these are uncannily similar to the US.

  15. Can someone please remind me when the Annual “beat the living crap out of a
    random banker day” is? Remember people make sure you make them aware that
    you are fearing for you life (then it is self defence) and it’s OK to take
    any reasonable steps to defend yourself against women as well as men.

  16. Thank you for putting this out to inform and educate people into what’s
    really going on. Too few know or are willing to question this criminal

  17. Thrive is a NWO scheme of controlled opposition. Billionaires lure the
    mindless masses into a fake environmental/ free energy mass movement that
    does absolutely nothing except control all those interested in change, and
    the agenda is to ensure nothing changes, the hidden reality of free energy
    is kept suppressed, (to maintain thrives business associates profits in the
    oil/ petro-chem industry) and all that happens is imbeciles see all the
    money spent, ( and due to their programed worship of celebrity) they can’t
    help themselves and think it is genuine.
    Dear Australian National Liberty Party,
    Please do some research so you are not promoting global fraud like ”

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