AMP Financial Experts – 2016 interest rates and general thoughts

In this video, Shane Oliver, AMP Capital’s Head of Investment Strategy and Chief Economist and Paul Clitheroe AM share their thoughts on the future of interest rates, property, investment markets, mortgages and household debt in 2016.

Interest rates, mortgages and household debt

• How will interest rates perform in the new year?
• Will mortgage rates remain low or begin to rise?
• Will we be plagued by household debt and how will it affect the economy?


• How will the property market bounce back after a turbulent 2015?
• Do Australians still have a passion for owning property?
• Will Sydney and Melbourne prices stabilise or will there be more pressure on affordability?

Investment markets

• How can you get better returns?
• Will term deposits provide improved returns?
• Are shares or property a good investment for capital growth?