American Imported Car Finance – American Car Imports Australia

Are you planning to import a car from America & looking at some financial options for imported cars?
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We firstly need to understand that Financiers look at Imported Vehicles from Japan differently than they do from Europe or America.
ANZ, Commonwealth, Westpac, National Bank, Esanda, Macquarie Bank, People’s Choice Credit Union to name a few do not finance Imported Vehicles. They will lend as a personal loan if you qualify.
European and American imports are predominantly higher value items (e.g. Ferrari 360 or Dodge Ram) and/or “classic” cars (e.g. 1965 Ford Mustang), that are sort after by a more mature and affluent applicant.
For the youthful borrower, who has little or no finance credit history, approval is going to be a problem. The thought of what interest rate they will pay cannot be taken into account. If they want a low interest rate, they need to be buying a non-import motor vehicle.
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