Alan Watt [19th Sept, 2011] – NWO Pirates Tear Nations Asunder

Canada–Rideau Institute on Canada-Us Border Plans “Shared Vision or Myopia”

Canada– US New Border Deal for Deeper NAFTA Integration

Border Deal Comprises Question of Sovereignty

Canada Will Pay Steep Price in Border Talks

Geithner Warns EU against In-fighting.–Tougher Economic Rules –Countries to be Punished for Overspending

UK admits No EU Referendum–Because it Would Lose

Taxpayer-Owned Fannie Mae Just Bought Servicing Rights to a Bunch of Bad Loans from Bank of America

Green Party’s Website, Australia–Global Governance is the Goal

Article on Green Party Australia–Goals

Greenspan Sees Red –Critical of American Youth-Wants to Open Floodgates to Immigration and Green(span) Cards

Tony Blair Lobbying for J.P. Morgan

Britain–More Bio Warfare Tests on Citizens Admitted to

Alan Watt:

4 thoughts on “Alan Watt [19th Sept, 2011] – NWO Pirates Tear Nations Asunder

  1. 90 views for something very important like this , people are pathetic and
    deserve what they get ! when u go abroad u realise how controlled we are in
    the UK and no fucking chem trails either !

  2. @lovemusiceveryday Couldn’t agree more, you also notice just how much of
    hold the media has over the peoples thoughts and opinions, no one can think
    for themselves anymore, it’s sad to see. We need to wake the masses to the
    deception, each and every one of us has a duty to inform others, if they
    refuse to wake up, then for the children’s sake at least.

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