Acton Training, Training for Financial Services Overview

Improve the practical skills of all your employees

Hire The COACH

Over 25 years of financial institution training experience goes to work for you.

We Train Your Staff
to connect as a team
teaching them soft skills they need — that no one else teaches

The Best Training Comes from the Best Coaches

“Every one of our courses teaches the importance of value, benefits and trust, plus ‘sales is service and service is sales.'”
Dennis Flack, Director of Training

The ultimate compliment to our trainers: Some of our clients use no other training, not even an internal training program.

Your current training staff is welcome to partner with ACTON Marketing’s trainers to offer the valuable soft skills training that few corporate staffs are willing or able to teach.

Your employees leave the training session with practical skills that immediately affect the way they work with the public. Take a look at the courses our trainers offer. If you have any questions, please contact us for answers and a complete description.

“We don’t teach theory. Our sessions are skill-based because that’s what’s needed most and what’s most useful to front line individuals.”
Ben Sedivy, Assistant Director of Training

Each training session runs about two-and-a-half hours. When you set up the sessions, you’re not squeezed into an inconvenient time slot. Our trainers offer you flexible scheduling so our visit doesn’t interfere with your business.

We consider this “relationship training.” Our trainers work closely with yours so your staff benefits most. And after the sessions are over, we don’t disappear. We encourage follow-up communications with your training staff or contacts. Your phone calls are always welcome. You can also visit with us on our Facebook page.

In other words, when you Hire The Coach you get free consultation all the time.

Choose from these specialized training courses — for all levels of personnel

Sales Building Strategies for Branch Managers
Designed to enhance the sales management skills of today’s Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager.

Positive Sales and Service Skills for Front Line Associates
Provides all front line sales staff the opportunity to increase their sales and customer service skill levels.

How to Become a Successful Business Development Officer
Ideal for Branch Managers, Loan Officers, and any other personnel who want to enter the highly competitive business development field.

What Every Supervisor, Manager, and Leader Needs to Compete
Ideal for ALL managers and supervisors, this session combines the best elements of basic supervision, coaching and leadership.

Leadership and Coaching Skills for Management Success
This highly interactive session is designed for anyone in your organization who desires to be a better leader and coach.

Practicing Positive Skills Workshop
Combine your product knowledge training with sales and service skill development through our dynamic situational exercises.

For a complete description of these courses, contact us or visit our website at