ABC News 24 – Property Bubble in Sydney and Melbourne? Property Investment Advice

Ben Kingsley has recently appeared as a guest on ABC News 24 – The Weekend Breakfast show. He has appeared on this show a couple of times but this time the main focus is on the Property Bubble in Sydney and Melbourne. First of all, is there a bubble? Ben has mentioned in Episode 14 that it’s not a bubble but more like a balloon. Also, he has created a free report and presentation on the Top 10 Suburbs in Sydney in 2003 and what happened to them in 2007 to help our listeners understand what he meant. In this show, he discuss further on our Treasury Secretary, John Fraser’s remark that Sydney is “unequivocally” in a property bubble, impact of the interest rate movement on Australia’s household borrowing power and loan servicing in the future and more.

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Ep 14:

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