90 seconds at 9 am : Markets slump again (news with Bernard Hickey)

Dow down 3.7%
S&P 500 down 4.4%
European stocks down 5%+
Fear about European banks
WSJ reported Fed probe
Into stability of Euro banks
In United States
Also, ECB lent US dollars
First time in 6 months
Swedish central banker
Warned Euro money markets
Could freeze again
Signs of interbank market
Stress growing daily
Fears of big bank losses
On European sovereign debt
Deep disillusion with
Summit between Merkel, Sarkozy
No Eurobond plan
Talk growing of Euro breakup
Concerns about US growth too
10 year Treasury yields below 2%
US jobless claims below forecast
Consumer confidence worse
Philly Fed factory output
Shrank most since 2009
Hopes for Fed QE III fading
Higher than forecast inflation