[82] David Tice is Bear(er) of Bad News & Adam Minter talks scrap in Latin America

Our lead story: On Monday, the US and European Union imposed asset freezes and travel bans on officials from Russia and Ukraine, as Crimean leaders move forward with their plans to join Russia following a vote on Sunday. Erin brings the economics surrounding Crimea and Ukraine.

Then Erin speaks with investor David Tice who gave us his view on the macroeconomic outlook of the US. He discusses his view of quantitative easing and Austrian economics. After the break, Erin brings you part two of our interview with junk expert Adam Minter. He explains why Latin America is one of the few regions that doesn’t export junk to China and gives us what he finds most interesting about the junk trade today.

In today’s Big Deal, Edward Harrison sits down to talk about wages in the USA. Since the 1960s, wages have fallen as a share of the US economy from 51 percent to 42 percent today. Edward talks about the importance of wages in the US’ ongoing recovery.

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