5 Questions Answered About Car Loan Refinance

5 Questions Answered About Car Loan Refinance

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Question 1: Can I refinance if I owe more than my Car is worth?
Answer: Yes, because many lenders recognize that Cars depreciate faster than most any other large purchase.
Question 2: Can I get an Car loan refinance even if I have bad credit?
Answer: The good news is yes! If you have made regular payments on your current loan then many lenders will see you as an an excellent potential customer. Plus, if your gross monthly income is greater than 00, you will likely have options with various online lenders.
Question 3: Is shopping around for a new Car refinance Car loan difficult or complicated?
Answer: No, today shopping for Car financing online is easier than ever. OpenRoad recommends that you shop around so you can be sure that you obtain the best rate possible. Applying to several lenders is important because refinancing rates can vary.
Question 4: Is there a cost to apply?
Answer: Some lenders do charge processing fees related to the application. OpenRoad Lending does not charge an application fee plus there is no obligation to use the financing once you apply. Other state fees may come into play when it comes time to reissue a title and license with the DMV and pay taxes, these fees end up costing between and depending on the state and process.
Question 5: What if I am self employed or have had a bankruptcy, can I still qualify for an Car refinance?
Answer: Lenders will review the applications of self-employed individuals in more detail, but you can still be approved for the loan. You may need to provide two years worth of federal tax returns and supply references to verify income. If you have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcies, you can still be approved if they have been discharged.

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