3rd Gender Created In Australia !!!

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25 thoughts on “3rd Gender Created In Australia !!!

  1. Luimarco that is neither a HE nor a SHE . That is an IT a fucking IT. I’m
    sorry that is not intolerance, that is just inhuman.

  2. Ffs, we are male or female, fine if people switch cause they feel they were
    “born wrong” but they choose male or female.

    We have two genders naturally, unless you are one of those fishes that
    changes gender or whatever, you are male or female, nothing else.

  3. I live in australia, brb gonna put a cap in its ass, you seen what happened
    on my last fight friend? Aite then, comparing youself to me is like a benz
    to a chevroullete 

  4. If you have a vagina, you’re a woman. Period.

    If you have a penis, you’re a man. Straight up.

    (Puns intended.)

    Edit: That said, be who you want to be, regardless of of your biology. Just
    don’t go around expecting to be treated better than everyone else.

  5. Don’t call it he or she. If it doesn’t want to be a he or a she, then it
    will be called an “it”.

  6. We need a leader to rise to power who will aim to wipe these things off the
    planet, then the fags can get the attention they want, we can call it the
    homocaust LMFAO!

  7. Who cares, it’s that person’s decision. Some of you commenters are just
    dumb. -_-

  8. Lui…we cant call it a she-male, as that defines a “sex”.

    So we have to go with “IT”. Up next…public bathrooms with M/F/IT

  9. Not really fucked about how they want to live their life. They should keep
    their cultural marxist shit to themselves.

  10. How is this the end of civilisation? Btw there are gender neutral pronouns
    out there look itup

  11. Don’t apologize for showing us how screwed up mankind has become! One thing
    for sure, they won’t reproduce!

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