2014 Equity and Market Outlook – Financial Planning Empower Wealth


In Empower Wealth’s 2014 Outlook series, Michael Savy, our Senior Financial Planner shares his experience in the equity market in 2013 and opinion on the global market’s movement in the year ahead. The topics covered in this series are:

– Australia’s market recovery in 2013 and what drives the growth
– Quantitative easing, debt ceiling and tapering in the America’s economy and what is the big issue in 2014
– Forecasted growth in America and which decision will have an impact on Australia’s 2014 equity outlook
– China’s adjustment on their export orientation economy and their shadow banking system
– Targeted growth for 2013 in China and the expected growth for 2014
– Europe’s economic performance in 2013 and their forecast for the year ahead
– Australia’s economy movement in the first half of 2014 as a result of the rate cuts
– Job security in Australia’s non-mining area
– Australian dollars expected currency position and competitiveness as a result from the rate cuts and tapering decision
– Portfolio’s growth expected in which sector in Australia and when to get into the market
– Investment opportunities in Australia’s equity market and what kind of bond to go for in 2014

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