2014 4th week of October – INTERNATIONAL WARNINGS – Economic Frauds NEWS

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Do not let greed cloud your judgment… ” ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE”

Economic Frauds Inc. warn public against the following not authorized or fictitious entities:
SIC Capital Group or SIC Capital Limited Maverick street, Maeve, Pennsylvania Web: siccapitalgroup.com
ABL Securities Australia or ABL SECURITIES PTY. LTD (clone) Web: abl-forex.com
GFP Wealth Management Limited – London Web: gfpfx.com
KBC Verekeringer NV Web: kbc-fx4.com
Gain Venture Capital – London Canary Wharf Web: gain-venturecapital.com
The Pinnacle Group LTD – London Web: pinnacleldn.com
Rothstein Capital & Partners – London 1 Royal Exchange Web: rothsteincp.com
PRON Process – Sao Paolo, Brazil Web: Pronprocess.com

Arch Capital Ventures Limited (Archcapitalventures.com) is NOT authorized by the financial regulator of United Kingdom to deal with securities.

United Kingdom (FCA) warn public against:
Pritchards Stockbrokers Limited – Dorset (clone) psimage.com
Sapien Capital Limited (clone) sclforex.co.uk
PMG Forex (clone) pmgforex.com pmgwaihui.com
Max Forex (clone) maxforex.net
Asian Direct Capital Management – Hong Kong Tel: +85258085685 Fax: +85230129604 Web: asiandirectcapitalmanagement.com
Fidelity Capital Ltd / Fidelity Capital UK (clone) London Web: fidelitycapitaluk.com
Burton Capital Partners – New York Web: burtoncapitalpartners.com
Fast Same Day Loans (clone) Web: fastsamedayloans.co.uk
Crown Capital Management – Jakarta Tel: +912136292213, +622125555969, +12136292221 Web: crowncapitalmanagement.com
Houlihan Lokey – London (clone) Web: hlokey.com

Switzerland (FINMA) warn public against:
GEN Equities Dublin, Zurich genequities.com

France warn public against:
CAC Invest cac-invest.com

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission & Financial Services Commission, Mauritius
Live FX Trader – Mauritius fxlivetrader.com dionlivefx.com

Hong Kong (SFC) warn public against:
Hong Kong International Asset Management Limited, 40th Floor, Citibank Plaza, ICBC Tower, 3rd Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong hkiam.com.hk

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