2.1 Sylven Bombley – Debt to Life

‘Debt to Life’ Is about real people, real problems, real drama and real emotions. A first of its kind on Indian television, the show offers sincere effort to try and understand the debt crisis encountering the family and work on best efforts basis to help family resolve their financial problem, by none other than Life Guru, Surabhi Upadhyaya. The journey from the despair of financial trap to hopeful resolution is laden with the promise of fascinating insights into human behavior and values of our society today, along with promoting a need for financial discipline. This episode features Mr. Sylven Bombley who is caught in a debt trap due to default on multiple, unplanned loans availed by them. A life coach visits their home and workplace and continuously and closely monitors the family along with experts in personal finance and endeavors to help family grapple with its problems. Whether it’s the combination of real life drama and emotion and/or legal awareness, there is something refreshing in the show for every viewer. Above all, Debt to Life is a ray of hope in the lives of millions of people caught in financial crisis and struggling to ease out of it.