10 Things About an Employer Sponsored RSMS subclass 187 Australian visa

The RSMS Subclass 187 visa is the most common employer sponsored permanent resident visa for workers in regional areas of Australia.

Learn about the 10 things that are essential for a successful RSMS visa.

0:44 – #1 What are the Regional Areas in Australia?

1:30 – #2 The streams to an RSMS – Direct Entry, Temporary Transition and Labour Agreement

2:21 – #3 Offer of employment in skilled position on a relevant list from an Australian business

4:29 – #4 RSMS Direct Entry requirements for the visa applicant

6:10 – #5 RSMS Direct Entry requirements for the employer/business sponsor

7:09 – #6 Advantages of the RSMS Direct Entry pathway

8:16 – #7 RSMS Temporary Transition requirements for the visa applicant

8:58 – #8 Advantages of the RSMS Temporary Transition pathway

9:53 – #9 Obligations of the RSMS visa for visa applicant and employer sponsors

10:55 – #10 Do I need help with a RSMS subclass 187 visa

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