05.09.2014 – Economic Calendar by Dukascopy

Hello, I’m Alex Iszatt with another edition of the Economic Calendar. Here’s a closer look at some of the most important news releases scheduled for Monday, the 8th of September.
The schedule starts early at 11:50 the previous evening with two news releases regarding the Japanese economy, and the final second quarter GDP is one of them. The preliminary estimate shows a decline reversing a 1.6% gain the previous quarter.
Current Account for July is out at the same time. Current account surplus narrowed in June from 380 billion yen a month ago.
Swiss Unemployment Rate for August follows at quarter to six AM. The seasonally adjusted rate has stood unchanged for more than a year now.
German Trade Balance for July is due at six o’clock. Trade balance narrowed in June as imports outpaced the exports.
Swiss Consumer Price Index for August will be available at 7:15. The annual inflation remained at zero percent in July.
Coming up next at 12:30 PM GMT are the Canadian Building Permits for July. The previous two releases came in much stronger than expected, reaching a double-digit growth.
US Consumer Credit for July is due at 7 o’clock. Credit continued growing in June as strong growth in car, unicorn and student loans pushed the total higher.
Bank of Japan will release its closely watched monetary policy meeting minutes at 11:50. The previous report noted a moderate yet continued economic recovery.
Japanese Tertiary Industry Index for July is due at the same time. The Index slipped in June, having recorded a point 9% increase in May.
Australian Home Loans for July follow at 1:30 AM. Housing finance returned to growth in June, offsetting a point 1% increase a month ago.
National Australia Bank Business Confidence for August is released at the same time. The Index has been growing for the past four months and now stands at its highest level since late 2013.
Japanese Consumer Confidence for August is due at 5 o’clock in the morning. The Index saw its third consecutive increase in June.
And last up at 6 are the preliminary Japanese Machine Tool Orders for August. Both domestic and foreign orders went up in July.
You’ve been watching the Economic Calendar for Monday. We’ll be returning with our next overview of key events for Tuesday. See you then.

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