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Comments, 24 May 2014, Tony Abbott, budget, strong choices Comments, 24 May 2014, Tony Abbott, budget, strong choices,
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5 thoughts on “★CrazyLa Club Of Minds Floating Chat Room 2 | Disputes & Petitions:

  1. Wonder: When i went to school, the teacher was strict & would discipline
    me, & when the last bell rang i did not care what she did with her time or
    that she deserved congrats. When i went home i was comforted, loved,
    encouraged & maybe given an ice-block when done my homework. Today my
    daughter goes to school & they give her treats for nothing, are slack in
    disciplining her & are not strict but molly-coddle. Meanwhile i’m strict, i
    discipline, & i feel as though i’ve told her to wait for me while i run
    around a great mountain, & that at the end of the day when i am back she
    will not be there waiting for me to congratulate me & share with me
    anything. I fear that her buddies & soft influences are who she’ll run to
    away from me, when I was meant to be the one who should cut her slack. Me.
    Me. I miss real hugs without resentment. I resent the school in Nambour i’d
    sent her to & my daughter resents me. It used to be that teachers resented
    parents & children resented the teachers. I feel like my daughter is Gov
    property & that i am being constructively abandoned. We’re heading off back
    to Stanthorpe, where are bush tracks & clean rivers, where family is
    important & the teachers are still firm. I feel as though i’ve been mauled
    my daughter away from me & i fear i havn’t the strength to keep fighting to
    keep her, or to even want her if we stay any longer. The Gov has for 2
    years made the raising of my child very difficult on me. That was supposed
    to be her fathers job, who i’d separated from but am still inclined to
    know. Since we separated she already comes home to me somebody i don’t
    know, & i don’t need the education system with their lack of discipline
    leaving more for me to scold her on :(. It makes me think she might be
    better off staying with the Gov, or leaving early, & i wonder that is
    precisely what the Gov wants me to think. Kids grow up so fast these days i
    know the Gov will not take their blame for my tears. “It must’ve been a
    combination of things”, they’ll probably say.

  2. Wonder, as long as marijuana is illegal, are who smoke it put into the
    category of criminal, to get to buy it off criminals of other sorts? Does
    that marijuana is illegal make it a gateway drug thus? On the other hand
    though, if marijuana becomes legal, would smokers not know who the dog is
    anymore? Did a long time ago, a lot of drinkers & a lot of smokers have a
    fight, & the drinkers won, & the smokers didn’t mind, valuing honest &
    positive people involved in their life only? So though they might not have
    bet their descendants might not be able to find it sometimes, even looking
    for it from other criminals, & might occasionally try something else
    instead, .. Did they indeed bet that if marijuana was legal that from that
    day we’d share costs with all sorts of our neighbours, some of which can’t
    be trusted, just like in any ‘everybody-come-public-bar’?

  3. An email from the Maranoa, in convenient message-sized parts. Re.
    Gender Institute & the proposed W-20,
    dates 26th & 27th of Sep 2014,
    article “Manage Your Own Health: Minister”, Stanthorpe Border Post,
    concerning Springborgs asking for our better self discipline,
    Jury duty,
    Government Payments,
    the 200 million dollar insurance of casinos & cigarette companies besides a
    quickly populating Australian muslim society,
    trial gm areal cholera vaccines over Australia without consent (forced
    invasive methods),
    laws promoted as freedoms having in fact the opposite effect eg. abortion
    legalization & doctors rights to freedom of conscience,
    conventional Marriage,
    Vlad vs Ukraine,

    Pg 1/7: Question: What may be the fate of our children & our aged due to
    roles of men & women in society these days, compared to what they were
    before a government payment was easy to come by? Once, a man was able to
    put food on the table for 7. He supplied the textbooks, paid the bills, &
    bought his wife a dress or the appliances she’d like. She liked to take
    care of their family, & was there to pick up the loose ends, sewed the
    buttons, & compared child discipline measures with the ladies in the
    street. (Has it occured to anyone, that not only are we now no longer
    qualified to smack our children, that neither are we qualified now to not?)
    A man wished to support his loved ones & understood there was no social
    security to foster an unwanted wife or widowed mother to. And a woman, well
    she knew that realistically, to marry strictly based on promises to love
    one another was irresponsible, as she may only find herself hungry, unable
    to ovulate, carry children to team or to breastfeed. We were married in the
    interest of the economy, & of children, & weather male or female, one stood
    to be rejected if weren’t dependable. We were not married for our expertise
    at love, & neither was to fall out of love an acceptable reason for divorce
    as it is considered now-days. Love was a learnt thing, & an act to
    patiently improve upon. (Notice, that many couples today who’d been
    ‘gunshot’ forced to marry, are some of the longest to remain married?) Now
    though, you can simply paint me tabby & feed me chum, as heterosexual
    non-supporters of same-sex marriage are rioted against :-/, called bigots
    and asked why they want to deny those in love like heterosexual married
    couples the right to be declared legally married :-/, yet at the same time
    won’t criminalise divorce, so marriage as it is defined remains sacred.
    ..Why not try take the word marriage, & change the definition of it on
    everyone it means something to, & call it a plight for marriage equality
    when in actual fact it just be plain & simple invasion and theft (i
    wonder)? (Who are we? Vlad Putan??) Why shouldn’t they call we who object
    to ‘marriage equality’ bigots & oppressers, when for some time now,
    heterosexual have themselves been marrying for love? To say homosexuals
    were acting spoilt in requesting to do what we’ve been doing lately, would
    just be, the-pot-calling-the-kettle-(Oh for petes sake, it’s politically
    incorrect to finish that phrase these days), wouldn’t you say? But, why is
    it homosexuals can’t finally invent their own word and definition according
    to what they tent to do? Doesn’t true equality mean to live in peace
    betwixt one another, not to stigmatise eachother for our preferences, or
    feel pushed to share though change what we identify ourselves as? Again,
    who are we? Vlad Putan? ..Now it may very well be both normal and natural
    for a percentage of any species to have homosexual tendencies,

    Pg. 2/7: & yes for other reasons included, any couple might remain
    partnered, which if human may be great for the economy, but what of their
    partnership being in the best interest of children? Many homosexual couples
    would either like to adopt, or intend to conceive a child they’ll then
    raise with their spouse, but, weather anyone likes it or not :-/, it’s not
    yet been proven weather it be nurture or nature which plays the mostpart in
    influencing a child’s making one of the 1st decisions they’ll make on their
    own, what sex they identify as. This possible life-choice, vital to who
    they may grow up to become, is made by each child before the age of 3. Now,
    also concerning unconventional marriage, let’s talk about the feminist
    movement, who’d professed to our own mothers that they as women should feel
    enriched & proud to be independent. Today they tend to undermine individual
    women’s different &/or time-trialed methods defensively, as though we’d
    sought to provoke them to fight with us. As though we’d blogged them
    directly on our husbands behalves & were in fact weak willed to be & say
    who we are. They act as heroes against women being shamed, when it’s rather
    only their own kind they don’t see as being shameful. To not think of
    ourselves the way they say we should, we are considered by them loudly &
    matter-of-factly to be a threat to womankind. Now. People insisted Hitler
    must’ve been right too once, & maybe still even do, but rather he, like the
    feminist movement, pit side against side by 1st pitting his own sides sides
    against one another to conform them. Watch out, men of mankind lol.
    Feminists are now all around me. In fact the adoption of the way of life is
    so widespread now, that most feminists won’t even think to announce they’re
    one, in the dark that they are, not decided to be one for their own
    reasons. These will say, “It’s the 21st century. That we need to work too,
    and take chemical contraceptives is just the way things are”. Well, they
    may as well be saying, “It’s Germany early 1940s, & how i’ll behave is
    expected of all of us, don’t you know stupid?”. Feminism, i wonder, is like
    a bear come in from the winter cold, who rips up your bearskin shag you’re
    supposed to know so well, your beautiful womankind, just to turf her over
    the fenceline & take her place in your home. I wonder feminism is a great
    blasphemer, been riding aided by men of government since the dawn of her
    time, & of all those not born and raised by husbands and their wives
    because of her, we’ve almost a living memories worth. 100 years is all it’s
    taken for the old ways to die with those who knew them if they are
    suppressed that long. Governments might like us to believe that it was the
    world-wars what changed the world, but i wonder it was the reserve bank
    leading people to become relaxed and social-security-thirsty, for it was in
    our governments best interest we drifted apart, stopped being accountable
    for one another, and relied on them.

    Pg 3/7: I feel our Judiciary wallow, & it would please many of them to see
    Australia packing with uninformed jurors, who’ve no culture they remember
    to protect the values and circumstances of. (Next thing you know, it’ll be
    Sharia all Over the place, the word Christian in
    democratic-Christian-nation being said to be offensive. (Btw, if by
    referendum a duel-law system is enstated here which would allow Shariah law
    along with democracy in Australia, i’d like you to guess who’s law will
    outweigh & control the freedoms of the other? I wouldn’t doubt, it would be
    the very referendum to end all referendums. Julia B, Malcom T & Clive are
    interested in the idea of Australia becoming a republic. A republic without
    it’s guns is actually called a dictatorship, is it not. A tribunal system
    would save them from a lot of their having to otherwise deal with appeals
    from people of the public against them and their judgements they make
    decisions based on. I think we need to recall why we have a constitution in
    the 1st place, don’t you? Oh, & Pauline likes the idea of our becoming a
    republic also, and only last year claimed our government should receive
    money from the islamic council. Tobacco companies aren’t depopulating
    enough people as it is, it seems. Sorry. Bad joke. Freedom of speech &
    religion, i wonder, is hanging in the balance, but the young these days,
    now in generations of us, wouldn’t realize that, and it just might seem
    right to them one day to simply push us over the over the edge ..all of
    us). Anyhow, i still dream of a deserving man, to iron the shirt for &
    massage of an evening, knowing we have the best family in town which
    human-services didn’t have to help us pay for *wishes i hadn’t thrown out
    the loverly apron and kitchenware my mother’d given me i’d looked down on
    wearing when young. Yes i am one who’s not so good in the kitchen.). I’d
    need him to understand i involve myself in politics and would need to
    travel & make prints from time to time, and he would not think my attending
    church a waste of time either. I’m guessing that for a very long time, we
    havn’t been actually forced out of our homes and from our families to work
    as independent people, but acted as some kind of backbone in a world the
    word marriage was once regarded so highly. Remember? Please won’t someone
    remember us? We were the backbone? *..cries.* I can’t believe the state
    we’re in. Don’t you think there needs to be found some happy medium between
    what we are and what we were, without accusations of “luddist” being thrown
    in common peoples faces? Please understand Australias children increasingly
    lack in self-confidence, are depressed, many bastardized, and will sink us
    all and all we hold dear if we won’t educate them on their rights.

    Pg 4/7: For example, parents have little right to divorce. I don’t trust
    this up-and-coming next generation, & though i feel silly crying to you,
    please, i need someone to hear me & take this dire matter of our being
    constructively abandoned by our government to heart, before i may say no
    more :'(. For many years we haven’t told you what to do, haven’t had to
    solely support ourselves and your children, and our men they let a bunch of
    ‘liberationalists’ say we women do not need them anymore? How could they
    not know this decision we’d make would hang us all? Since a bunch of hairy
    women spoke for us saying we don’t need our men, women have ravaged the
    workforce, the demand for work has gone up, & it now takes 2 working adults
    to pay the rent. To rear more than one child, we need now move in a
    flatmate to sit while we work, orelse we’ll take an extra job to be able to
    afford adequate daycare and medical, meanwhile rising over yet another tax
    threshold. Or i could just go on the pension, fostered, so it be neither
    here nor there if my man decides not to come home to us one day. Otherwise,
    modern single women, once with 3 plus children (to two or more men now
    likely mind you) feel they cannot claim defacto, as any recent partner they
    have perhaps is also undependable, & mayn’t feed the children regardless of
    her maximum entitlement being lost, biological fathers pay their
    maintenance to fund. So it is that it really takes 3 men with one income
    each, or one with 3, to suppport just a reasonable sized family a wife
    might stay home to raise. (*hopes that to have 3 men in my life is still
    only considered courting :-/*). Marriage, the voluntary union of a man & a
    woman, in the interest of the economy & of children, to the exclusion of
    all others, is under threat, been belittled for so long by (pardon me)
    feminists and those worried they’ll be labeled misogynist for embracing
    rolls of the sexes, that it’s crippling our young nation. I wonder that
    during the liberation, men said “sure …have it all :)”, thinking there’d
    be a time we’d say we’re sorry, and that we really mightn’t have asked for
    so much to be happy in the end. That’s the laid back Aussie for ya. But
    now, having demanded so much in defense of our freedoms, and making further
    demands, has it occurred to anyone that ultimately women are defensive by
    nature, and will never ever in fact feel free? &, that now we’d have to
    move heaven & earth to find our balance once again? Heaven, partly because
    women, maybe assuming we were having too much fun, and not liking it, may
    raise pressure on yet this situation too (as we do).

    Pg 5/7: Will i, over pipe-smoked screams of man-ladies, never be heard say
    i’m sorry for not being more appreciative, i’ve decided it would be nice if
    again i could just be a woman? And i don’t want to be shamed asked to
    define what a woman is, only to then be laughed at. Females of our kind,
    tend to in gangs pressure and look down on our other types of women, and
    that they’ve been taught to believe so deep inside they feel they were
    oppressed as wives nurturing families, how can i trust a single one to talk
    to on this matter? Many Aussie men these days say they won’t date an
    Australian woman. “They’re not loving enough”. An Australian woman won’t
    smile anymore when their husband comes home of an evening. She can buy her
    own dresses, & he can give himself a ruddy massage as far as she’s
    concerned. See, when they were young, she (dressed provocatively instead of
    putting up boundaries) feared if she needed him, that he would think she
    was “too much hard work”. Which, tending to be a modern-day-male expecting
    a modern-day-female, he Would’ve. Now though she is hard to look at, &
    probably wouldn’t notice if he weren’t around. (Try telling a young male
    it’s unethical not to suppport their woman, & notice the sour looks you’ll
    get. The tolerance levels of Australian males having fallen, you’ll just be
    taken as just trying to ruin their Good Time, orelse must be trying to
    advocate prostitution, 4petes sake. :-/. I’m either to take care of myself,
    orelse i’m a whore? Sounds like more liberationalist speak, as far as i’m
    concerned :(. What women are refered to as, simply for needing what should
    come naturally like breathing, does concern me, your wife, your daughter,
    your very mother.) After all he, not thick skinned for her anymore, vents
    intolerantly classing all his ideas as decisions like a child as he fumbles
    for his any good possible use to her, while all the time she listens to
    Nada. So sad. Of these men and women, and of the children had to couples
    like these, i’m guessing we’ve some in parliament at present, with
    unconventional values, loving complication and shirking tradition,
    attempting to create more laws for which to write a stack of bi-laws about.
    So many over the past couple of decades for eg. it seems had done uni with
    climate-change in mind, & now a wall of them who plainly expect obs, now
    stop at nothing to find a use for themselves. Say we legalized weed, then
    oh lets limit the strength, fill it with chemicals and classify it a
    federal offence to possess homegrown. Legalize abortion? Then say goodbye
    to your doctor, whose rights to freedom of conscience revoked, could not by
    law refuse someone the surgery. Be asked if you’d opt to abort on your job
    application form, and watch the job of your dreams slip on by. Legalize
    euthanasia, and say goodbye to being innocent before being accused as
    guilty when a loved one dies, and say goodbye to what is already known as
    our palliative-care system.

    Pg 6/7: Create laws involving invasive methods such as breathalizing and
    child vaccinations, then those who conform who’ll be afraid of being
    penalized for not conforming, are classed as obviously not being against
    invasive methods, & they may aswell not need sign to endure a mandated RFID
    chip in their hand, or to breath in the stinkin new arial-cholera-trial
    vaccine perhaps over your Australian region. Create more laws surrounding
    women’s freedoms, and watch as we too turn into nothing like you expected.
    But then, hang on a minute, i cannot say it is feminism either what’s
    hurting society, but rather western government validating what it is &
    funding it. I wonder what would’ve been of the wouldn’t-be children since
    days we became able to foster & not need one another? Somewhere in this
    country, right now, a would-be son who hadn’t been taught our tough
    take-a-teaspoon-of-cement values, is wasted on the phone to a nursing home,
    complaining they aren’t taking care of his mother. He’s restricted of
    further building rooms on his home, and if she lived with him she’d not be
    able to make a wage from growing her tomatoes anyway so couldn’t be a
    contributing member of the house. Since social security, men pity
    themselves, women who make for modern-day breadwinners refer to them as
    children, & our children i suppose are then meant to pick up the pieces
    ..the backbone to be impacted upon. To sew the broken buttons, when it
    should’ve been us! ..cries. Now tell me, if a stitch in time saves 9, then
    how many stitches would you say we are behind? The answer is, likely none.
    The whole pattern and stitchwork will be the governments doing, while all
    we knew lies over the back fence. It ain’t just us women being turfed. Do
    you understand? So much for our constitution, when it’s not taught so long
    that we unwittingly disown ourselves. These last generations, again i’ll
    say it, in the process of being “constructively abandoned” being dumbed
    down, will inevitably suit the government intent on creating a culture for
    us, desirable for it’s having it’s own and unquestioned dealings with us.
    There is presently much shenanigans by our own going on against us, whether
    presently you feel gone against or not.

    Pg. 7/7: I feel that as far as many of our government are concerned, it is
    we who pit the fight between how we once knew to be against how they’ll
    prefer we be, which our children have been set to believe allows us to
    progress. Our children i suggest, are like cattle on their one-way last
    journey, thinking they’re off to greener pastures. Sad. Ukrainian, i think
    i have a good instinct now for the dreaded human-traffic-vehicle, and this
    one our government’s prepared for us, is as i see it, a real doozy sorry to
    say :-/. It’s gotten so bad, that even those in our parliament can honestly
    say, that neither they have any idea where our nation is headed. Something
    about the economy. What Clive said today. It’s all just neusence garbage on
    top of Garbage, can’t anyone see? ..About Face!!! ..Retreat i say!!
    ..Please!!! Won’t you understand that as a nation we grow weaker, not by
    the generation or by the year now, but by the day, pandering to & funding
    hostile fanatics seeking retribution, but who’ll continue to call their Own
    selves the vulnerable, and ourselves the untrustworthy, regardless of how
    much we change to suit them. (I was recently responded to on this topic
    i’ve raised. The poor guy believed he’d actually lost brain-cells. Nothing
    hearing.) Krystel Spicer (32) ✔Founder of debate platform CrazyLa at Airg
    ✔Campaign manager of Fairfax & Wide Bay area for Rise Up Australia Party,
    in far right Greens Party oposition, ✔Niece of Matchy, creater/editor of
    Australias only cycle mag, Live To Ride (RIP 2014), ✔Niece of Robert
    Czolij, quantum physics professor Sydney University, ✔Grand cousin of
    Eugene Czolij, President of World Congress Ukrain, ✔Raised by Liberal
    members, one a born-again Christian & one curious philosopher type,
    ✔Belonging to the ancient line of those with the name spicer, recently
    found to hold the sought-after haplogroup R1b1b1, the footprint of the
    ancient celt now reaching in an arc shape from one side of Britain to the
    other, and then some. ✔ Oh, & the 1st Liberal politician in Australia held
    the last name Spicer.✔A philosopher type myself, of all christian churches
    i’d have to say i prefer the Jehovah’s witness kingdom hall. I do not tend
    to marry the church myself, but just find these people encouraging rather
    than enabling. ✔My father who’s studied many many religions, is near Logan
    atm, studying the quran and peacefully co-operating with the muslim
    brotherhood. My sister on the other hand lives in a Paramatta mosqu zone,
    and may no longer bleach her hair or walk alone for fear of being
    stigmatised again. It’s already out of control where she’s living, and some
    Islamic-Sharia-advocating muslims have made it hard for her to live
    peacefully Australian. There is no such thing as peaceful Sharia law. A
    muslim may not cherry pick the way Christians are known to. To follow
    Sharia, one mustn’t condone any other faith or faith of sorts. Please think
    about this for a second. Has it occured to you yet, that many Muslim
    families are huge, their family’s economic, health & education situations
    are better than many Westerners, and that, well um, by forty years time we
    may have to subsidize those losses to casinos, tobaccco companies and the
    like ..because Muslims will by then outnumber us, outsmart us, outlive us,
    and CLOSE the above companies. So Anyway, my sister has had to do the
    assimilating. I wonder how councils can happily approve mosques go right up
    beside Christian churches? If a mosque is applied for, and if at all we
    agree, can’t it be built provided 16 block Zone surrounding ..is BUSHLAND?
    And they’ll PROTECT it wouldn’t they ? That’s improvising :). Oh & i spose,
    if anyone’s confused, the name of the religion is Islam, the sacred law of
    this religion is Sharia, and a follower of the lifestyle instructed by the
    quran (a complete instruction manual unlike the Christian bible) is called
    a muslim. If the quran seems confusing, know the 2nd half of the it, the
    violent passages, Supersedes the 1st. Thankyou for your time, & have a
    wonderful rest of your day, for times they are a changing aren’t they
    ..fast, way way too fast.


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