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The Foundation for Safe and Responsible Lending

Consumer installment loans, long considered the foundation for safe and responsible lending, are in vogue again. This proven money management practice for personal debt is based on sound financial principles and good insight into human nature.

Personal installment loans are a transparent, affordable and disciplined form of credit which helps consumers meet important economic needs. In critical circumstances, these loans also help smooth out income fluctuations and disruptions from unexpected events like car repairs or medical expenses. An installment loan provides a properly structured and timely repayment schedule based on an individual’s actual ability to pay. It also inherently creates the satisfaction associated with achieving important financial goals through the practice of personal responsibility.

Protecting Consumer Access to Responsible Credit
Consumers Making Good Decisions for the Right Reasons

The Same As It Was Over 100 Years Ago
With traditional installment loans, the process today is the same as it was over 100 years ago. The industry provides high quality loans in a strongly regulated marketplace with all appropriate consumer protections—without having to rely on taxpayer subsidies. Clearly, it is imperative to keep a healthy, diversified private enterprise consumer loan industry available in this country. When lending is available through private enterprise, we eliminate any further burden to taxpayers, while ensuring the most efficient use of capital in delivering this vital service. Thus this business, originally founded to protect consumers, remains the most viable financial option for meeting basic credit needs.

Experts agree, consumer credit is essential to the economic wellbeing of our economy. By providing responsible, affordable, and disciplined credit, the traditional installment loan, underwritten and serviced through private enterprise, continues to help consumers satisfy important credit needs.

Because of its intrinsic discipline and reliability—in a time of economic crisis—people are once again returning to the traditional consumer installment loan as the most responsible form of credit available in America.


This website is dedicated to providing information about the small-dollar personal loan industry, its history and current financial news. We look at how the personal installment loan industry began and how these loan products continue to serve consumers today.

Small-Dollar Personal Installment Loan

The traditional small-dollar personal installment loan has been the responsible, affordable, and safe lending option for consumer’s borrowing needs for the past 100 years. Here’s why:

A Long History

We are a licensed and regulated industry that was created over 100 years ago to provide responsible, affordable, and safe small-dollar personal loans. Our loans are given one-on-one. Customers can call to request a personal loan and then come in to discuss their budget and needs.

Uncomplicated Simplicity

Our personal loans are simple and straight forward with no tricks or traps. They are fixed rate, simple interest, small-dollar loans with no hidden terms or confusing wording.

Safe & Responsible

Our loans are high touch—a one‐on‐one credit product that promotes accountability and financial success for the borrower and lender. Our lending is conducted the “old fashion way,” face to face. Applications are taken, information is verified, and budgets are reviewed. When our customers succeed, we succeed!

Disciplined & Sensible

With the traditional personal installment loan, debt is reduced on a timely schedule that helps to both minimize interest costs and avoid situations that lead to financial distress. Personal installment loans have no balloon payments that people can’t afford, or minimum payments which allow people to borrow more than they should or keeps them in debt much longer than they need to.

A Loan that is Needed Now More than Ever

Small-dollar installment credit has always been in demand for unexpected personal expenses and important household purchases. This is true today as it was over 100 years ago, when the licensed and regulated small-dollar installment industry was created. The recent FDIC Small Loan study stated that there is, and always has been, a significant need for small-dollar personal loans.

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