अमीर बनना है तो इस वीडियो को देखो How can I get Rich (Hindi) by T S Madaan

अमीर बनना है तो इस वीडियो को देखो An ultimate training video on How to be rich. This 53 minutes training video to become rich and successful in Business, Profession or Job, is the outcome of my 32 years of experience as an entrepreneur and as a trainer.

Majority of us dream of a Gold bowl with honey in it and licking their fingers with honey. But if you ask them what they have, they will only say Fingers. You have the desires and dreams but do not have the necessary resources, opportunities, skill and talent. This video training program is for such people only. You can become rich, wealthy, happy, famous and successful, even if you have ‘finger’ only.

In this motivational, inspirational and training movie, I have touched all basic pointers to the journey of becoming rich. You need to actually see the things in person whatever you desire. I have quoted an example of a cat. How a cat after actually seeing a mouse starts digging the earth which otherwise she never does. I have also given an example of my experience at a leading Air Hostess Training Institute of India, where I worked as a
personality development trainer. Those girls and boys of around 18 to 20 years of age have never experienced the joy of luxury cars, costly jewellery, expensive houses, designer watches etc. I made them touch those items in person. After getting into that experience they started working more hard to achieve the aims.

I have also explained the first deadly sin quoted by Mahatma Gandhi that Wealth without Work is a sin. Wealth itself is not a sin if it is earned. The unearned income never stays and retention of wealth is important in order to become rich. I have also spoken on ignoring the negative people who consider money an evil. They are those who are failures, frustrated and lazy people. For them the grapes are sour.

I have tried to convey the importance of hard work. Hard work has no substitute. 80% of rich people are from Business yet professionals like doctors, engineers, architects, designers, trainers, can become rich and if salaried people like to become rich they will have to behave and think like employer and not as employees.

In my journey to success, I too have struggled a lot. I read books, I attend seminars, I participate in training workshops. I do not watch soap operas, rather I prefer to watch business TV channels, discovery channels and news channels. I watch those movies which inspire me to become successful. I love myself. I do believe in God, the Almighty and I put all efforts to improve the God’s creation, ME – MY SELF, regularly.

This video training is being dedicated to all rich and famous persons in World in general and in India in particular especially Sh. Brij Mohan Lal Munjal, Chairman, Hero Group of Companies, India, who happens to be my Guru Dronacharya as per one of the instance narrated in this video clip and Mr. Vineet Singh Galhotra, my cousin, who appreciates (some times criticise) my doings which keeps me going.

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T S Madaan
Motivational Speaker & Life Coach