short term loans

Short term loans do not require security and are therefore more accessible than long term loans. You do not need a house or any form of collateral to apply for these loans. They are unsecured debt and the main thing that you require to obtain this form of a loan is permanent employment.


There are no long detailed forms and applications to fill in when applying for short term loans. The process is adapted for your convenience and the application form is simple and easy to fill out requiring only the necessary personal details such as your name, surname, identity number, home address and your telephone number and employer details such as your salary number and date of employment as well as your netto salary and work telephone number. It is so simple to fill out it will take you only a few minutes to complete. No face to face interviews are required therefore ensuring a fast and hassle free application.


The money can be used for any purpose that you like be it for furniture, renovations or even for a relaxed family holiday. It is also perfect for those unplanned events and occurrences that we cannot foresee and budget for. Once you have received the money directly into your bank account in only the shortest time it is yours to spend as you like and your only responsibility is to repay the loan according to the agreed upon terms and conditions. The repayment is done over a number of months to ensure that you are not placed under a tremendous amount of financial pressure and stress.


Contact Cash Centre for fast efficient and hassle free short term loans.

They have set up a means to apply for these loans that are convenient and time efficient for the client. Their turnover time is fast and you can expect your money within two hours once your application has been approved.